Dream of: 15 June 1982 "Extremely Eloquent"

I was sitting in a lounge area of Baylor Law School. Donna, Cosby and Fulkerson (all law students) were also there, and we all decided to practice as if we were in court. I stood and gave one side of an argument of a case. I was extremely eloquent. I was precise with my words and I didn't stutter or stumble. I was surprised I could stand and fashion an argument so quickly when I wasn't prepared. What would it be like when I was prepared? I thought I had done quite well. I began thinking it might be a mistake to have Jon as my partner in practice court. I was concerned he might not be that good.

Fulkerson stood up on the other side of the room and began speaking. A television was on in the room and I asked Fulkerson to turn it off because I couldn't hear him well. He turned it off and then went on with his argument. He was likewise good, but I didn't think he had been as good as I had been.

Donna had been listening to us, and we wanted her to decide which side had won. She was going to do that, but she had to go somewhere, so she and I left the building.

We walked out of the building and boarded her car, which she began driving. As we drove along, we continued talking about the case that Fulkerson and I had been arguing. I could tell she wasn't interested in what we had been doing.

It slowly occurred to me that Donna and I didn't have much in common, and that in fact, I didn't even like Donna much anymore.

We weren't far from the school when she pulled up to a store and said she had to go in for a minute. I stepped out of the car and said, "I'll just walk from here."

She looked at me funny and said, "OK."

I looked down; I was wearing black shoes and a brown pair of pants. Even though it was a rather warm day, I was also wearing black gloves. For some reason I had grabbed the gloves when we had left and I had brought them with me.

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