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Dream of: 28 May 1982 "Withdrawing Money"

After Bonnie, who was wearing a blue dress, and I walked up to what appeared to be a teller's window in a bank, I told the woman behind the window that I wanted to withdraw some money from an account which I had there. I needed to withdraw the money because Bonnie needed to borrow about $50 from me. I had about $1,100 in the account and I told the woman I wanted to withdraw it all. When the woman asked me how I wanted the money, I told her to give Bonnie $50 in coins and to give me $50 in tens and twenties and the balance in larger bills. The woman threw about five rolls of coins and some loose coins onto the counter for Bonnie. I asked Bonnie, "Would you rather have bills or are coins ok?"

Bonnie looked at the coins and said, "No, they're fine."

The loose coins were bright, new, and shiny and were unlike regular United States coins. They were made of bright, shiny, silver metal and part of the surface of the coins was flat with no design. They were rather pretty. I thought maybe I would like to have some myself, but the lady handed me $50 in bills.

The lady then brought out a large cardboard box, put it on the counter, and began filling it with big stacks of money—twenties, fifties, and hundreds. A couple stacks were about 20 centimeters high. I was not quite sure what I was going to do with all the money, and I was rather apprehensive, because it was about 2 a.m.

While the teller continued putting money in my box, other people who wanted to reach her lined up behind me. Even while I was standing there, one person managed to transact some business with the teller. A second woman who had some money to give to the teller walked up, but instead of giving the money to the teller, she put it in my box. I was afraid it was going to become mixed with my money, and, seeing exactly how much she had put in it, I said, "No. No. Don't put it in the box."

She pulled it back out.

The teller had also given me many loose bills. When I stacked them up, they were about 10 centimeters high. I was unsure but I thought I might somehow be able to stuff them into my billfold. I began taking the stacks of money from the box and putting them on the counter, but since there was so much of it, I decided to stack it back in the box, and began doing so. Bonnie had also acquired some stacks of money and I told her she could put her stacks of money into my box.

I picked up the box, and Bonnie and I walked away. I then realized we were actually at the bus station in Portsmouth. Because of the time, I did not want to walk around with so much money; it was all the money I had in the world. If I were robbed, I would have difficulties.

We decided to try to catch a taxi and leave. I called a taxi on the phone, and we walked out a side door and around to the front of the bus station. While I stood there a moment, I noticed quite a few unsavory people standing around. I was apprehensive and unsure what to do. Suddenly, I saw a taxi coming down the street, but it was already filled with what appeared to be Mexicans. After the taxi pulled up, three or four people (who seemed to be speaking Spanish) ran toward it and jumped in. The taxi was obviously much too crowded for us to board, and it quickly drove away.

Bonnie walked inside the bus station and stood inside the door, while I remained outside trying to decide what to do. When I saw two other taxis coming down the street one after the other, I ran toward them and motioned for them to stop, but neither did. The drivers looked at me and made a motion as if they had to go around the block and could not stop. Since I thought maybe they would return and stop, I stepped back inside the door to wait.

I then noticed that a short, stocky, rather grotesque, older man dressed in brown had walked up to Bonnie and had hit her as hard as he could in the face. She recoiled and, as I watched in amazement, he hit her again and again. I thought it was probably a ploy to rob her and that if I became involved, I would also be robbed. I knew the money I had was all I had in the world and I did not want to lose it. I pulled my billfold from my pocket and held it tightly in my hand. The money in the billfold seemed more important than the money in the box. I thought about putting the billfold into my front pocket, but instead I just held onto it.

Finally, I went to Bonnie, pulled her over to the side, and handed her the box. I turned around and pushed the man away. Another equally grotesque man came up behind me and grabbed me from behind. The first man grabbed me by the feet. Together they picked me straight into the air parallel to the ground and held me. The man holding my legs held them tightly and in an extremely uncomfortable, painful position. They carried me through a door which led into the main lobby of the bus station where there was a large crowd of about 100 people. No one did anything to help me.

I saw a couple men (about 80 years old) in police uniforms. They were guards, but they did not seem to be doing anything. The men carried me right up to the guards, who then stepped up and asked the men to put me down, but the men refused, and the guards were apparently powerless. I continued looking at the men holding me and the guards. The whole situation seemed so grotesque and unreal. I could not understand how all that was happening and how those people were doing this to me. It did not make any sense at all.

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