Dream of: 26 May 1982 "Going to Get Better"

While my father and I were sitting in a room watching television, the phone rang in the next room. When I answered the phone, a female voice on the other end said, "Hello, Steven."

She said her name was Glen, but I immediately knew she was Bonnie. She said, "I'm going to get better. I couldn't stand to hurt you. I've been thinking about what I said earlier and I'm going to borrow some money from my father and Andy to help me out."

I knew that "Andy" was her brother. When she said she had been thinking about what she had said earlier I knew she was referring to a conversation we had had in which she had been rather nasty to me. I did not know what to say. I was surprised to hear from her because I had concluded we probably would not be seeing each other any more, but now that she was on the phone I wanted to talk with her.

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