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Dream of: 25 May 1982 "Effects Of Honey"

I was in the passenger side of the front seat of a car being driven by a person who seemed like one of my older uncles. A third person was sitting in the middle. He seemed both like my first cousin Alan and Weitz (a fellow law student). I was riding around somewhere in Gallia County, Ohio. I could tell that my uncle wanted like to ask me some legal questions about a legal problem which he had. As I began talking, I could tell that the fellow in the center was skeptical about what I was saying. I said, "Well, one thing I have to say is, you never know what it's like in the South really, until you've actually lived there."

My uncle said, "Yea, that's right."

I said, "I've never lived in the South. And you know, I, for instance, didn't know, that there had been a dual system of schools, one for blacks, one for whites, in the South. All this time I had been living up in the North and had never realized that cause I'd never come in contact with it. It's such a common thing. That existed until 1954 in the Supreme Court case of Plessy versus Ferguson."

My cousin in the middle corrected me, saying, "1964."

Apparently, my cousin had studied this area and knew something about it. I replied, "Oh, you might be right. Maybe it was 1964."

I continued talking, "And you know, it must mean something that Alabama, all the important civil rights cases have come out of Alabama. Well not all of them, but most, some of the most important have come out of Alabama."

Finally, my uncle got to the question he wanted to ask me. He asked I if I knew anything about honey. He had been eating honey lately, and wanted to know about its effects on his system. I said, "Well, I would think it would go into the system faster, because it's liquid, in a liquid form, and it doesn't have to be broken down like something solid."

I compared honey to other liquids. I thought about how tea or a stimulant like coffee quickly entered the system. Since honey was liquid, I thought it would be the same. I apparently had been studying the subject some while in law school.

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