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Dream of: 24 May 1982 "Editor"

I was sitting close to the door in a class conducted by Morrison (a law professor), who was writing on the blackboard in front of the class. In front of me was a paper sack which I had brought to the class. I was only planning to stay about 15 minutes in the class before leaving. When 15 minutes had passed, I waited until Morrison had his back turned, then grabbed my sack, and walked out.

I had transferred to a law school in the Shawnee State University. I felt good about going to law school in Portsmouth, although I did not think it would be as good a law school as Baylor Law School. I would miss the Baylor practice court program. But I thought that would be all right. I was mainly just glad I was in my fifth quarter. Besides, I would not mind learning some Ohio law.

I had a property class scheduled on one of the upper floors of the college at 8 o'clock this morning. I arrived late, and instead of going to the classroom, I walked into the lounge and sat down. When a man walked in, the two of us began talking. He told me he had written a book, and he suggested that if I were not doing anything, perhaps I could edit it by looking for errors. I said, "Oh, you want me to look for typographical and grammatical errors."

He replied, "Exactly."

He handed me a large, thin book. I opened it to the first page, which appeared to have a poem written on it. But it was written in another language and I could not read it well. One word was spelled "wae." I thought it was a German word, and had been meant to be spelled "was." So I made a mark in the book indicating that the "e" should be an "s."

I turned to the next page, which had a picture on it. As I looked at it, it seemed I was actually holding the object in the picture in my hand. It was a sculpture. Since there were no words on it, I was uncertain what to do with it. As I looked at it more, I realized it was hardened pieces of bacon which had been glued together. It was in the shape of a horse and chariot. The details of the horse and chariot and been executed quite well.

I ended up in the Gay Street House. I was  going to have another class a little bit later. Meanwhile, I was thinking of going upstairs where I thought I had some Playboy magazines. I felt like masturbating, but I put it in the back of my mind, and I began looking for some other books which I needed for two classes coming up. Each class would last half an hour. I did not need any books for one class, but for the other I needed a book on income taxes.

I was in one of the upstairs rooms looking for the books, when my mother walked in. She said she had been talking with my father and had learned that he was glad that I was in law school. She said my father had told her that even if I began having problems, it would be all right, because later when I become a lawyer, I would be able to afford a psychiatrist.

I asked my mother if she had seen my book. She said she had not, and she asked me which book I was looking for. I replied, "Income tax book."

I continued looking, but I still could not find it. I had to leave because it was time for the class. When I saw a book which looked like the one I was looking for, I picked it up and said "Well, I just hope this is it."

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