Dream of: 23 May 1982 (3) "Fire In The Nostril"

I was looking at one of my collages, thinking how I would like to take some LSD and look at the collage while tripping. The collage had a number of lines in it. I would like to follow the lines while tripping.

I took down some of my collages, wrapped them in a blanket and took them to Baylor Law School. I was intending to hang them on the walls of a large restroom at the school so people would have something to look at, but I laid them on a table in the restroom, forgot about them, and went home.

I had also had a trumpet which I had left in a locker at the school. After I got home, I thought about returning to get the trumpet.

I heard a knock at the door, went to open it and found Ed Horner (a law professor) standing there. It turned out I was supposed to have a test the next day. The test wasn't a final exam, but a test taken after three weeks. Horner was going to help me go over some old tests which I had. I was impressed that a professor would actually come to my house to help me, but Horner didn't seem to think there was anything special about it.

Horner and I moved into the bathroom. I sat down on the commode with my clothes on, and Horner was very friendly as we went over the tests. Finally I said, "Well lets go into the kitchen and sit down."

We walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I began asking questions. I pulled out a test and focused on one question. Horner showed me how the question had three different ways of computing something and how he wanted three different answers. I asked, "What about if it was Texas law?"

He showed me the first answer applied to Texas law. I was obviously not well prepared. He kept rattling off the answers to me.

He helped me for a while and left. Even though I had a test the next day, I decided to get in the car and drive to Portsmouth. I had a car which I wanted to take back to Portsmouth and leave there. I planned to fly back.

I drove for about two days from Waco to Portsmouth. As soon as I arrived in Portsmouth, I saw my father standing in front of the post office on Gay Street. He didn't speak for a moment, but he seemed happy to see me. I said, "Well, how are you doing?"

He said, "Fine. How are you?"

I responded, "Fine."

I realized that I had been in Portsmouth just two weeks earlier and that this would be the last time for a while that I would be there. I couldn't continue coming there every week end.

My father and I walked to the Gay Street House. A strong robust man who reminded me of Seeley was working in the living room, apparently doing something with the electricity. I asked the man if there was any acid in town and he said there was some real good acid in town.

When my father heard us talking, he walked over and said the acid had the least amount of strychnine and was the purest acid that had ever been around.

I wondered where I could get some of the acid. Thinking my brother-in-law James might be able to help me, I walked upstairs thinking that he might be up there.

I walked into a room where James was. I noticed a mirror and I  could see I was wearing shorts. I saw my legs and wondered how they would looked if I were tripping. They looked somewhat muscular.

A girl who was James' daughter was in the room. I couldn't tell by looking at her how old she was. I couldn't tell if she were 10 or 20. I asked James about the acid. He apparently had some stored in the basement and he told me he would go down and get some for me. He then called me downstairs and handed me a small green tablet from a handful a green tablets which he had.

I said, "Well, come on upstairs."

As we walked back up the stairs, three children (about 2 years old) were sitting at the top of the stairs. When I reached them, they had something in their mouths. I opened up one of their mouth's and saw about six hits of acid in it. Afraid the child would hurt himself, I put my finger in his mouth and started pulling out the acid.

One of the other children also had acid in his mouth. I likewise took the acid out of his mouth. I laid all the tabs of acid on the carpet at the top of the stairs.

The third child (about 10 years old) was James' son. I asked him if he had anything in his mouth. He replied in a snotty way, "No. No."

James and I walked into the next room. I had some powder from the acid on my hand and I was thinking of taking some of it. I asked James how good the acid was and he said it was real good, but he said he had a problem. He said he had recently been in the army in Fort Hood. After coming to Portsmouth, he had recently received a letter saying either he or I should return to Fort Hood and pick up some stuff which he had left there in a locker. I said, "What's wrong with that?"

He told me he was worried because he thought a pound of marijuana was in the locker. He explained he had contracted with someone to send him a pound of marijuana and put it in that locker. I said, "Is my name on that?"

He said he had also put my name on it. I wasn't perturbed, but I didn't want to get involved. I said, "Well, they can't do nothing to me, right? They can't prove nothing on me."

I thought to myself that I could have problems at law school if word of this reached the bar committee. That might cause me a few complications. I thought, "Well, they can't prove nothing on me. I haven't done anything."

James was obviously upset; he feared someone knew what was going on.

In the room was a small gas stove which had many cigarette butts and burnt matches on its top. James walked over and crammed into his mouth everything lying on the stove. Amazed, I said to James, "What are you doing?"

He sat there munching, finally put one of his fingers to one of his nostrils, pushed it, and blew out the other nostril. I was amazed to see a fire come out the nostril. The fire went to the top of stove and caused the stove to ignite inside. James then swallowed the rest of the stuff in his mouth.

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