Dream of: 23 May 1982 "Dream Notebook"

Around midnight I decided to go to a movie at the Ivy Twin Cinema close to the Baylor University campus. I decided to take my flute with me and play it as I ran to the movie. I began running and took deep breaths while I played. When I finally came close to the movie theater, I slowed to a walk, still continuing to play. Quite a few people in front of the theater began watching me.

Since the movie apparently hadn't yet begun, I crossed the street, sat down on a bench on the other side of the road and continued playing my flute while I waited.

I finally picked up a newspaper lying on the bench and on the front page saw a picture taken from high atop a building which showed the general area in which I was sitting. At first I thought it had been taken from atop the Moody Library, which was nearby on Baylor campus, but I actually wasn't quite sure from what building it had been taken. The picture also seemed to resemble a scene of the campus of Ohio University, Athens. It was almost as if two scenes were overlapping.

I decided I didn't want to go to the movie after all, turned around and returned to my Apartment on Fifth Street. When I arrived, I realized the Apartment was no longer mine, even though it was the same Apartment in which I had been living before.

Instead, my girlfriend Louise (an attractive brunette, a fellow law student, five years younger than I) was now living in the Apartment. I walked inside and found Louise wasn't there at the moment. Instead, four other girls, who were her roommates, were there. When I saw them, I thought that I had been wanting to meet them and that this was a good opportunity.

One girl resembled a homely girl I had recently seen at George's Restaurant in Waco. Two girls were quite pretty. The fourth was actually an older woman.

The older woman began complaining about how Louise had been late in paying her electric bill for her former apartment. I listened to the woman and said, "Yea, she paid it. She let it lie around for a few days. You know how she is. She just forgot it. But it's paid now."

I was going to mention that I had paid my share, while Louise had neglected to pay her part, but I didn't mention my having paid my share because I didn't want to make it any worse for Louise than it already was.

The woman said that was just like Louise and that Louise was careless. She said she just couldn't understand how that girl was studying law because she just didn't seem as if she had it together enough for that.

The girls began talking among themselves and I listened to them a while without saying anything. Finally I picked up my dream notebook, looked at the homely girl and asked, "Well, what would you like me to read about?"

I thought I would be able to find something among my dreams to relate to any subject which she might suggest. One of the girls on the other side of the room asked, "Well, what would you like to talk about?"

I said, "Anything that you'd like to."

She looked at my dream notebook and said, "Well, what have you got there?"

I replied, "Well, I record my ..." and then I stopped. I had been going to say "dreams," but I was unsure whether I wanted to tell her I recorded my dreams. I thought it might be better to simply read the dreams as if they were short stories.

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