Dream of: 18 May 1982 "Mind-Reading Game"

I was in the House in New Boston, where I was living by myself. The House was now only a small cottage which had a wall missing on one side, and part of a wall missing on another side. Even though the walls were missing, I had been staying in the House.

Cosby (a law student, who reminded me some of my brother-in-law James) and my sister had come to visit me. I could tell that Cosby didn't like the place and he wanted to leave, but he stayed and talked anyway because my sister wanted to stay.

We were outside of the House. Some playing cards were strewn on the ground. I also had another deck of playing cards. A red, toy fire truck about a half meter long and ten centimeters high was also on the ground. It looked as if a child had been playing with it. Other stuff was also strewn around on the ground. I picked up the deck of cards and told Cosby I wanted to play a mind-reading game. Actually, it wasn't a game, because I was serious.

I wanted to look at a card, and then have Cosby try to guess what the card was. I believed I had been developing some powers of mental telepathy. I had never tried doing this before, but now I wanted to. I planned to just look at one card at a time, and have Cosby guess each time I looked at the cards. I would then tell him whether he was right and let him see the card.

I realized if I did it that way, however, he would be able to eliminate certain cards and increase his odds of getting the right one. I would have to replace the card and reshuffle each time.

Meanwhile, I could hear voices of people over the hillside. I told Cosby I wished I had a little hand gun up there because I was completely defenseless.

Cosby commented about how vulnerable I was living there with a missing wall. I told him I should at least have a hand gun, just living with one wall, open like that.

The voices we heard were beginning to scare Cosby, my sister and me. I just knew someone was going to try to hurt us. I said, "Follow me," and we ran behind the house. We ran down a path where the weeds on both sides were over our heads. Cosby and my sister followed me. Cosby wanted to go to a hillside to our right and he said, "Let's go over the hillside."

I said, "No. Not here. There's a dead tree there."

I could see a dead tree which had fallen over and was blocking the way which Cosby wanted to take. I kept running, and finally I said, "Here."

We cut through the high weeds until we suddenly started falling straight down, holding onto the weeds as we fell. We continued falling for about 30 seconds. I even talked to Cosby and my sister as we fell, telling them I had figured out what we were doing. Finally, we slowed down and softly landed.

I saw a house right next to us. I ran up to the door and knocked. A woman came to the door and I asked her if we could use the phone to call the police.

She didn't open the door, but just looked at us through the window. She said, "Well, you'll have to talk to Mrs. Hensen."

I then noticed another room in the house where an older woman was sitting on a bed. I said, "Fine."

The first woman opened the door and I walked into the house and to the older woman I said, "Mam, may I use your phone."

The older woman on the bed said, "Yes. Don't make more than two calls."

I picked up the phone and began dialing my father's number. I dialed a 5 first, and then another number. The older woman stopped me and said, "Isn't the first number three."

I said, "Oh, yea."

I hung up the phone, then dialed 353-1118, my father's number. I got a busy signal.

Some coins were lying on a table. One was a walking liberty half dollar. I looked at my sister and said, "Linda, what's the other number there at dad's house."

She answered, "353-1649."

I began dialing that number.

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