Dream of: 17 May 1982 (2) "The Nestling"

I had moved out of the Apartment at 1710 Fifth Street which I had been sharing with Reon (my roommate for a few months in 1982) and had moved somewhere else. But now I didn't have any place to stay. I ran into Reon and he told me I could move back in. He said that another fellow was living in the apartment, but that the three of us could live together. So I decided to move back in.

After moving back into the Apartment, I realized two girls were also living in one bedroom of the Apartment. The girls' living here didn't bother me, except I didn't like living with five people in the apartment.

Reon and the two girls were in a room with me when Weinstein showed up. I told Weinstein how hard it was to live with someone. Weinstein advised me that if I were having problems, I should try to avoid exploding. I replied, "Well, no, I never explode."

I looked at Reon and continued, "I never exploded at you, did I? We never had any words whatsoever. It was just like subtle differences between us."

I told Reon, however, that I hadn't liked it because he hadn't told me about the girls living here. I told him that might have made a difference in whether I would have moved back. The two girls hadn't said anything the whole time. They wouldn't speak to me. Finally, I walked over to them and said, "Hi. I'm Steve Collier and I'm going to be living here."

They still didn't say anything; soon they stood and left. I walked over to their room; everything had been cleared out. I thought to myself that they had moved out and I wouldn't have to worry about them anymore.

Reon, Weinstein and I walked outside and sat down under a tree. A bird's nest was in the branches; I stood up on a couch and saw that a baby bird with a yellow back was in the nest. Seeing that the nest was hanging precariously, almost perpendicular to the ground, I said, "That bird's going to fall out. It's going to fall out."

I kept watching and soon the baby bird fell out. It used its wings to flutter to the ground. But obviously it wasn't old enough to be out of the nest. I ran up to it and chased it until I caught it. I didn't know what to do with it, so I walked back to the nest with it. It bit me on the finger, although it didn't hurt. It couldn't press its beak together hard enough.

Just as I reached the nest, the baby's mother returned. The mother had some food in her mouth for the baby. I knew I couldn't put the nestling back in the nest because it would just fall out again. The mother poked around in the nest and discovered her baby wasn't there. I reached up and tried to put the baby in the nest. But the mother sprang up and tried to attack my hand. I let the baby go and once again it fluttered to the ground. The mother flew to it and grabbed it with her beak. I couldn't tell what the mother was going to do, but it looked as if the baby would be all right now.

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