Dream of: 14 May 1982 (2) "Quirks"

I was reading a book while sitting on the porch of Buckner's house in Portsmouth. The book was a story taking place on the border of Mexico. I had written some things in part of the book.

Buckner walked over. I handed the book to him and he began reading. He read one sentence which he didn't understand, read it a second time and he still didn't understand it. He was going too slow for me. Finally I said, "Buckner, you know what I'd like to do, I'd like to get stoned."

I knew Buckner had some marijuana. I thought we would smoke his, although I was thinking of buying some of my own. We had smoked some marijuana together about four days earlier. Since we had both been trying to cut down, I hadn't smoked any since then and I didn't think he had either. He replied, "Gee, I was thinking the same thing."

Buckner flipped to the front of the book, then to the back to the index. He was trying to figure out one word in the sentence which he still didn't understand. The words "brown-eyed" were in the sentence. I told him "brown-eyed" referred to a kind of plant. He said that he already knew that, that the word he didn't understand was someone's name. In the index he saw that the name was also on another page, and he flipped through the book trying to figure it out.

I was getting tired of sitting there. I said, "Buckner, you know what I'd like to do today, I'd like to masturbate."

He said he had been thinking about the same thing.

I walked over to the edge of the porch. The neighbor's property was about 30 centimeters away. On the neighbor's property was a chest filled with books. I didn't know whether the books belonged to Buckner, his family or the neighbors. I picked up one of the books. It was a travel book which had an article abut the Mediterranean basin on the cover. On the front was also a picture of a statue, and under it was written "1921." I looked at the statue and thought, "That would be great to cut out for a picture for a collage."

I turned the book over; on the back was a picture of a large red, white and blue luxury cruise liner. I flipped through the book, noticed some pictures of women in scanty bathing suits and started to become aroused.

When I looked back up, I was no longer on the front porch, but in the living room, just inside the door. Buckner was sitting on the other side of the room, still looking at the book. The television was on in the room; I began looking at it. Several scantily dressed women were on the television. As I looked more closely, I realized I was watching the new Playboy show. I hollered to Buckner, "Look, Playboy's on television!"

He didn't pay much attention. I had taken off my pants and I was lying on the couch with a cover over me. I was hunching the couch as I kept looking at the screen which showed about 100 people fornicating in a bar. I couldn't see well, but it looked as if they were all rolling around together, reminding me of mud wrestlers. I said, "Buckner, there's thousands of people screwing here on television."

The scene changed to another bar. I tried to see the women on the screen, but I couldn't see them clearly. I focused in on a man and woman who were kissing. The woman was wearing a halter top and the man had his hands under it squeezing her breasts. I told Buckner to come and watch, but he kept reading the book.

The show stopped and a news program came on. I looked at the clock, saw it was time for the show to end and thought, "Oh, crap. Missed it. It's just now going off."

I looked at the television dial, which said, "13 A." I thought it was necessary to specially subscribe to the channel for Playboy, and I realized the Buckners had done that.

I had two pair of blue jeans with me. One pair was quite faded. I pulled it up around my knees. I thought I heard someone come in, looked around and saw a woman in the next room. Buckner had disappeared. A red-haired girl walked into the room where I was. She was followed by a black-haired woman, apparently the girl's mother. When they both walked back out of the room, I crept over, picked up my newer blue jeans and began pulling them on.

The woman walked back into the room and introduced herself. I thought her name was Jenny. I said, "Well, I'll be finished in just a minute."

I kept the cover over me as I continued pulling on my pants. I thought she still might be able to see me, but she didn't seem perturbed by what I was doing. After I had pulled up my pants, I sat down and she sat beside me. I said, "Well, how do you figure into the Buckner family? How are you related to them?"

She replied, "Well, I'm Norma's husband."

She said Norma was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buckner. She said she had started out taking care of some children which Norma had, then she and Norma had gotten married. I said, "You mean you married Norma? You're her husband?"

She said, "Yea, that's right."

She talked a bit more, then left. I was totally confused. I didn't think she was Norma's husband, but apparently she was. I stood and walked back toward the kitchen. Another woman walked toward me, stuck out her hand and shook mine. She recognized me and said, "I'm Norma. We've met before."

She had shoulder length black hair which was partially gray. She was wearing glasses. I didn't really remember having met her before, but I talked with her for a few minutes before continuing through the kitchen. I saw Buckner, got him and took him out the back door with me. We stood by a car and I said, "Buckner, Gene said she was Norma's husband and exiting out the back door. And that they're married."

Buckner responded, "Yea, that's right."

I said, "Buckner, you never told me about any of this."

He said, "Yea, and the reason is I just can't believe it myself."

I had my hands on the car, which was quite dusty. I moved my hands over the dust, wiping it off. Suddenly I burst out laughing. I thought someone might be watching us from inside, but I couldn't help myself. The whole thing just seemed so funny. Buckner didn't know what to think. I thought to myself, "Well, maybe this explains some of Buckner's quirks, because there's obviously some aspects of his family that I never knew about before."

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