Dream of: 14 May 1982 "Dirty House"

I had caught a bus to school in what seemed to be South Shore, Kentucky. Instead of getting on the inside the bus, I sat down on the outside on the front of it. As we rode along, I noticed a large, black hand, about two meters long, moving along the side of the road. Somebody in the bus said something about the hand. Apparently it had been there for years. It would get up in the morning, crawl around the neighborhood, then finally return to the place from where it came.

I gradually worked my way into the bus until I was sitting inside next to the driver. A sign on the bus said the driver was responsible for any injuries due to wrecks.

As we traveled, we barely missed hitting a car. I began talking to the driver about the risks he was taking and I asked him what would happen if he wrecked and someone was injured. He said, "Well, it would depend upon whether the person had been drinking or not."

Apparently he thought that if a person had been drinking alcohol while on the bus, that person would be held liable for the damage, but that if the person hadn't been drinking alcohol, the person wouldn't be held liable. I asked, "Well, has that ever happened, that someone has wrecked."

He said, "Well, do you mean when they was drinking?"

I said, "Drinking or otherwise."

He said, "Yea, bus drivers have wrecked. But if they weren't drinking, they weren't held responsible for it."

I said, "Well, has anybody ever been drinking?"

He said, "Yea there was one guy."

That particular fellow had apparently been taken to court. The fellow hadn't had much money, but everything he had owned had been taken to pay for the injuries of some of the people who had been on the bus. The fellow had then bought some life insurance. He had then started smoking oily greasy cigarettes and had died shortly thereafter. His insurance had paid off all the debts he had incurred.

A girl got on the bus and sat down to my right. Her dress was open at her navel, so that if I looked down it, I could see the top of her pubic hairs.

We reached a house in Portsmouth which I had never seen before in which my mother was living. My mother, my sister and my nephew David were there. We walked into my bedroom so I could clean out some of my things, so that Cosby (a law student), who apparently was married to my sister, could move into the room.

Although David couldn't talk, I heard him say the word "Give." I told my mother he could as least say "Give." I began thinking of other words he could speak, and concluded "television" would be one of the first words he would be able to speak. I thought television would be rather important in his life.

My mother said David could say words for sounds such as "ring" and "ding." I watched him run around for a while. My sister seemed to think I might be able to have some luck in teaching David to speak. I picked up a pillow, pointed at it and said, "This is a pillow." He didn't respond. I thought the word "pillow" might be a bit difficult for him to say.

The house seemed rather dirty. A carpet on the floor didn't reach all the way to the walls. I got a sweeper and began sweeping around the edges of the carpet where it didn't cover the floor, and began sweeping on the carpet itself. I swept all the carpet but didn't sweep all the floor around the edges of the carpet.

When Cosby arrived, I showed the room to him and he seemed happy with it. I told him I hadn't swept all around the edges of the room.

Someone staying there with my mother was selling marijuana. He seemed to have some connection with me, as if I had allowed him to sell marijuana in the house. The person brought a pound of marijuana to the house to leave there temporarily. People began showing up. Among them were four females from my civil rights law class. One was named Dottie. They sat down at a large counter in the living room. Knowing they were there to buy drugs, I walked behind the counter and kiddingly said, "Well, what can I get for you girls?"

They looked at me as if I were an imbecile; they said something stupid and added that they didn't want anything. I stood there like an idiot. As I looked at one girl's face, I misperceived where it was. Although it was about a meter above the counter, it looked to me as if it were right down next to the counter. I said, "Wow, I just had an hallucination about where your face was."

The four of them looked at me as if I were a moron. I thought that there might be some beer in the house and that they might like some. A bowl was sitting on the counter. I hoped they didn't want me to feed them anything.

Another girl sitting at the other end of the counter called me. She was much friendlier.

A note lying on the counter said Birdie had called me. I read some other notes also on the paper. The note said Birdie was in a state seven states west of the stock states. I interpreted that as meaning she lived in the western United States. I didn't know whether she wanted me to contact her. I would like to talk with her.

About 10 people were in the house. My mother was around somewhere. I figured she probably wouldn't want so many people in the house. I walked outside onto the cement porch in front of the house and watched three cars full of people pull up.

Several men got out of one car. I saw Moon (a law student) standing in the street. I thought to myself, "I've got to stop all these people. I can't let them go in."

As I walked toward them, I held out my hands just as two large fellows were about to pass me. I said, "Wait a minute. You're not going to be able to go in. I and my mother live here. You're just not going to be able to go in."

They became extremely angry. Obviously they were there to buy marijuana. They thought they were going to go in anyway. I could see we were obviously going to have a confrontation. One of them pushed, almost causing me to fall off the porch. It was obvious they were going to fight me. They said, "Well what do you mean, can't go in?"

They were ready to start beating on me. I got ready to run and I said, "I'm going to go and get my gun."

One backed off, while the other said, "We'll just take care of him a little later."

I really didn't have a gun. It was just a bluff to make them think I had a gun hidden behind the house. However they continued to push on me. Another fellow whom I recognized from law school tried to convince them to leave me alone. He suggested they just go in the house and sit down.

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