Dream of: 06 May 1982 "Singing In Front Of The Church"

the reason for life

seems impossible to see

unless god exists

I was in a spacious classroom with 60-70 other students sitting in chairs around the room. I was once again seeing Vickie (an intelligent brunette whom I dated for a few months in 1978 in Portsmouth, Ohio) who was sitting close to me on a bed stationed in a corner of the classroom. An elderly female teacher who reminded me both of my law school professor Betty Dohoney and my fourth grade teacher, Beatrice Clark, was walking around the room, asking questions.

Although most people knew that Vickie and I liked each other, I doubted the teacher appreciated our sitting together on the bed the way we were. When the teacher noticed one of my fingers slightly touching Vickie's leg, just below the hem of her dress, I was afraid the teacher might say something, but the teacher only asked Vickie a question, which Vickie (to my surprise) astutely answered.

As for myself, I wasn't much interested in the class. I was more preoccupied with a magazine full of pictures which I was perusing. I was somewhat jolted back to the class, however, when I heard the teacher mention something about giving some examples. The teacher added, "Steven would know." I immediately thought she was going to ask me a question about our reading assignment. Since my magazine contained part of the material we were supposed to have read, I quickly leafed through the pages, trying to locate the proper section, but I wasn't terribly concerned about finding it.

The class ended without further incident, and people began scattering away. As the students filtered out, the room appeared more like the interior of a church than a classroom. Indeed, it looked as if a church service were going to be held immediately after the class. Some students were even staying for the service.

When still more people showed up at the front door, I walked over to the doors to open them for the new people. Once I had thrown open the large double doors, many well-dressed people marched into the church. As the people entered, I walked out the doors onto an elevated platform which had been set up in front of the church doors. From this lofty platform, I could look down on the street at a bus from which dozens of people were debarking. When I asked someone where all the people had come from, the person said they were from Pennsylvania. Since I knew we were in Ohio, I concluded the people had traveled a long way just to join in the church service.

All the people were singing, "Glory, Hallelujah to the Lord." The song sounded beautiful. As they sang the hymn over and over, I wanted to chime in and sing along.

Dream Commentary of January 1, 2015

The belief in God required by religions is optional on the Dream Journal, and the mere fact that atheists exist on the Dream Journal attests to the ultimate lack of proof provided by written dreams that God exists. For if definite proof of the existence of God could be provided in the written dreams on the Dream Journal, would not every dream-journal atheist become a believer?

I myself am a believer, although I have no conclusive proof of the existence of God. It's just a strong feeling which I have. I also believe that God is the Dream-Maker and I continue to wonder where atheists think their dreams come from.

The Lord is your refuge!

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