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Dream of: 04 May 1982 (2) "Neglecting the Dog"

I was in a house in which my mother was living in Portsmouth on a street which seemed to be behind Sherman Street. The house seemed somewhat like the house of my old friend since high school, Steve Buckner, except this house was on a different block and was shaped differently. It seemed as if the house were on the side of a hill.

It was my father's birthday, and my father was supposed to come to my mother's house today. My father had been doing quite a few things for me recently, and I felt bad because I had not bought him a birthday present. I had simply failed to buy anything for him. My mother had, however, bought him a nice present and had left it at his office for him. I thought the present might be a typewriter.

My father called to tell me something and he mentioned that my mother had bought him a nice gift. I told him I already knew, even though I did not mention I had not bought him anything. I did not even say Happy Birthday. We talked a few minutes about something else and then hung up.

My old high school friend Mike Walls, who seemed somewhat like Randy Ramey (another old friend) , had come to visit me. I had two tiny, purple pills about the size of a pin head which were LSD. Mike had two more purple pills which were on the heads of matches. He was going to sell them to me. I took them from him and walked alone out behind the house. I scrapped the match heads off into a small box which had some marijuana mixed in with it. I began picking out the marijuana and throwing it on the ground. I put the two hits Mike had given me with the two I already had and ate all four.

Mike walked out of the house carrying a plant which I at first thought was a marijuana plant. When I looked at it more closely, I saw it was some other kind of plant, although its leaves looked like those of a marijuana plant.

Mike began doing something with the ground for the plant. He asked me what I had done with the marijuana which had been in the little box. I told him I had thrown it onto the ground. He looked surprised and said he needed to pick it up so no one would find it. I told him I had taken all four hits of acid. He seemed somewhat surprised. I was barely feeling the effects of the acid; I told him it seemed as if the acid had lost some of its strength.

I knew Mike had more marijuana. I began thinking since the acid was not that strong, I might want to smoke some of his marijuana to enhance the strength of the acid. I might smoke some, even though I did not really want to, just so I could get off better on the acid.

Looking at Mike more closely, I realized he had Steve Reed's (an acquaintance) face, and as I looked more at him, he began to seem like an evil person. I began thinking I was going to waste my trip if I were going to be with him. I did not want to be with him, but I did not want to be completely alone. I told him I might want to be alone a little later. I said, "But I don't know that I'll want to be alone. But I might want to be alone for an hour later. But I don't intend on being alone completely."

It was evening. I walked into the house, thinking about calling my father. I knew my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel were at my father's visiting him. I began thinking about my Cabin (a one-room, log cabin which I built in 1979 on the highest hill of the Gallia County Farm). I remembered that I had left my dog Dac at the Cabin and that I had not been back in two days. I thought how negligent that was of me to have left my dog there. I wanted to ask Clarence and Mabel if they had fed Dac. If he had not run away, he might have gone down to the Farmhouse. It was just terrible that I had walked off and left him without any food. I picked up the phone and dialed one number, but the phone apparently was not working. Besides, I did not really want to talk with my father.

A car was parked in front of the house and my flute was in the car. As I continued talking to Reed, I thought to myself, "I need my flute. I've got to have my flute if I'm going to be up here tripping, to play."

I was just about to go down to the car and fetch the flute, when my mother hollered at me from the bathroom. She asked me to bring her the hairbrush. I picked up the hairbrush and walked through the open door into the bathroom. She was crouched down in the high water in a large tub to my left. She apparently did not mind that I saw her. She looked young and had shoulder-length dark hair. I could not see all of her breasts because they were partially submerged in the water. I thought when I handed her the brush I would reach down and touch her breasts, but then I thought, "Na, I better not do that."

I asked her if I owed her anything. She said no. I knew she had found me a job working for my grandfather Liston and my grandmother Leacy; I might owe her something for that.

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