Dream of: 03 May 1982 "Mayan Statues"

I was in the neighborhood of Court and Fourth Streets in Portsmouth, Ohio. I was wearing a tee shirt and a pair of cut-off shorts. Needing to use the bathroom, I began looking around for a store or gas station which might have a bathroom. I walked into what I at first thought was a store, but which turned out to be a hotel. I walked past the front desk and went through a hall toward the back. I saw the women's room and continued on until I came into a large room. I heard music playing. It seemed to be coming from several different places. I looked down a hallway and saw several different rooms. I heard someone playing the piano; who could it be? The music sounded quite good.

I encountered a brown-haired fellow (about 25 years old)  wearing a bath robe. I asked him if he knew where the men's room was. He pointed back in the other direction and said it was back there. He said that he had been in the hotel quite a while and that he had once come down that way, although he had never been in the men's' room.

I looked around and noticed a sign which said, "Mayan Workshop." I asked, "Mayan Workshop?"

The man answered, "Yea."

I realized I was in a rather large room which had couches around the edges. In front of some couches were small tables with statues sitting on them. People were in the process of creating the impressive statues. I looked more closely at one statue. It was about 10 centimeters tall and was a small angel, a small boy with wings. The second statue I looked at was of a man's face. I could see where the beard was still being sculpted.

The next statue was of a person with wings, only that it looked like Mayan art. The statue had two legs like a person, but something was over the head which had a beak like a bird. Its arms were spread out like wings. It was about a third of a meter tall. Another statue showed a similar figure, bent over with its beak in the stomach of a person lying on the ground, as if it was eating that person, pulling the person's guts out.

All the statues seemed to be made from soapstone. I was quite impressed. I had not expected to find people working on things like that here. I needed to wear some better clothes the next time I came. I would like to get to know some people here. Perhaps I could get to know the manager of the hotel.

As I walked past the statues, I forget that I had wanted to use the bathroom. I walked out into an open space in back, and there saw more statues. As I began walking down an incline, I realized I was walking through a passageway and I was caged in on both sides by some screens with wooden borders around them. I was so close to the one on the right that I almost knocked it down.

Ahead of me at the end of the passageway I saw a man whom I had seen before. He had a black beard beginning to gray. The man grabbed the screen that I had almost knocked down; I said, "Hey can you come here and help me for a minute?"

He said, "Sure."

He walked up to me on the other side of the screen at a place where two screens met. I pushed them apart and slipped through to where he was. I tried to set the screen back up straight, but it was hard to do. The man seemed to be angry that I had knocked the screen over and I began to become concerned. Maybe I could drive a couple stakes into the ground on both sides of the screen to hold it up straight.

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