Dream of: 24 April 1982 "Butterfly Wings"

I went into Brown's clothing store in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio and headed for the children's and young men's department downstairs instead of going into the men's department upstairs. After I had gone down a few stairs, a lady who apparently knew me called to me from above by my name. She looked somewhat like my great-aunt Beulah (the wife of my great-uncle Curt). She asked me where I was going and I told her downstairs. She said I was too old to go downstairs and I would have to shop upstairs. That irritated me, but I reluctantly turned around and went back upstairs. My main reason for going downstairs was because I thought the clothes would be cheaper there. I figured my size could be found on both floors, but was cheaper in the young man's department than in the adult department.

I told the lady I could never find anything to fit me upstairs, but I could downstairs. But she was unbending. She led me to a table which had some sweaters on it and she proceeded to show them to me. A stack was there with four or five sweaters. I looked at a couple. One seemed made of terry-cloth and was white with green trim. I thought it looked as if it were made of the same material as a bath towel.

The prices seemed too high to me. They were about $20 for each sweater. When I saw the prices I was determined I wasn't going to buy anything. I looked on another table and saw some nice, brown underwear. I thought it would be nice to buy some, but then I looked at the prices and saw it was from eight to eleven dollars a pair. I knew I couldn't afford it and I wondered how some people were able to pay such prices for clothes.

I looked toward the back of the store, but I couldn't see very well what was back there. It seemed to be some type of jewelry store in the back. I thought I could discern little boxes which looked as if they had jewelry in them.

I headed toward the front of the store intending to leave. When I reached the front of the store I noticed some butterfly wings lying on a window sill close to the door. I picked one of them up and examined it. The design was truly amazing. I was bedazzled at how nature had been able to create something so beautiful. Part of the wing was transparent and I looked right through it. The rest had gold, black and blue designs in an intricate beautiful pattern. Several wings were lying there. A couple were as big as my hand. I thought they were the biggest butterfly wings I had ever seen. I thought about taking one, but then realized they had been arranged there on the window sill and must belong to someone. I laid them back down. As I did so, I became uncertain whether they had actually been butterfly wings at all or just pictures of them on paper. I thought maybe some artist had made them.

At the door I stopped to listen to a conversation between a girl and a man. The girl looked as if she were 18-19 years old and the man was much older. The girl was telling the man about some problems she was having with her husband. She was slim and had a rather dark complexion. She was complaining to the man about how her husband always ignored her. She went on and on. She said when he used to come home and get into bed she used to be able to get his attention but now it was getting harder and harder to do.

I had sat down and I was sure she could see me there listening. I thought maybe she wanted me to hear and open a conversation with her. So I said, "I don't see how you could fail to get someone's attention."

Apparently however I didn't speak loud enough because she just turned and walked out of the store. While she had been talking I had been close enough to her to see that her two front teeth were rather badly chipped. The chips were small, but both front teeth had a couple small chips. I concluded the girl had probably had a rather rough childhood and had spent much time out in the streets. Looking her over, I could tell she probably had come from a lower class family, if indeed she had had a family at all.

After she walked out, I looked into a mirror at my own teeth and was astounded at what I saw. My right upper tooth was even more badly chipped than hers had been. But it was the left side of my mouth that was astounding. Beginning with my front upper left tooth and going left to the back of my mouth all the teeth were broken in the middle. There was a gap between the bottom of the teeth and the top of the teeth of several millimeters. The bottom part of the upper teeth however didn't fall out of my mouth because all the bottom parts were somehow attached to each other and then at the back of my mouth the last bottom part was somehow attached to the bottom row of teeth. This totally amazed me. I could see right between the gap in the broken teeth. I touched the broken part; it was just loosely hanging there and could possibly be knocked out at any time. I needed to go immediately to a dentist.

I looked outside through the window of the door and saw it had begun raining. It was a torrential downpour. The gutters across the street were flooding and I thought at first the whole street was going to flood. But the water began going down the gutter. The rain continued beating down and it was obvious that I couldn't yet venture out.

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