Dream of: 16 April 1982 (2) "Full Of Tricks"

I had gone to visit Leah and her husband Kent, who had moved into a nice, one-story, stone house with several other families. When I arrived, everyone was outside. They appeared to be returning from fishing, and the men were all holding up strings of fish. One man had a long string of bright red sunfish and some bluegills. Another fellow had a similar string of fish. When I asked where they had been, they said they had been near the roller dam near Gallipolis.

That appeared strange to me, because I knew the roller dam was on the Ohio River. I thought about the turbulent water there. I didn't think such pretty sunfish could be hooked on the Ohio River. When they asked if I had ever been there, I said, "Oh. That's where you caught them. Oh yea. I've been there plenty of times."

I walked inside and looked around the house. I sat and talked a while with Leah. It seemed strange that she would have moved into a house with several other families. Yet at the same time, it seemed natural for her to do something like that.

I finally left and returned to my home. I had moved into a room in a two-story building with several other rooms, apparently a rooming house. I had to walk down a long hall to reach my room, which had two beds in it.

The day before I had been reading Latin in my room. I had decided I was going to learn Latin as thoroughly as possible and forget about everything else. I had thought to myself, "Well, I know it might not seem very practical, but I'm just going to learn it, and then I want to follow the history of words down through the languages and just learn about the meanings of different words."

For example I thought I might look at a French word and trace its history back to the Latin word.

I also had a catalog of food. As I looked through it, I found a place where I could actually put in a quarter and get a can of pop right out of the catalog.

Leah arrived. She had decided she was going to stay with me for a while and be my roommate. A desk was in the corner and I saw a chair behind it which I hadn't seen before. I pulled the chair around in front of the desk.


I awoke in the morning. I had overslept and missed a law class. I looked at my watch, which said 7:70. I thought it strange that it said 7:70 because I didn't know the second hand went to 70. I looked at the watch again, trying to figure out what time it was. I had a torts class and a sales class to go to. I thought, "Well, I've already missed one of them, but I'll make it to the other one."

Leah was in the other bed and she had also overslept. I was completely naked when I got out of the bed, while Leah was completely clothed. I walked around the room in front of her. She didn't say anything about my being naked, and it didn't seem to matter. I thought, "Well, if she's going to live here, then she's going to have to get used to seeing me naked."

I walked into the bathroom to take a shower. I stood in front of a small sink and a mirror, and began shaving. As I continued, I spoke with Leah, who I thought was out in the hall. But when I looked up, I saw that she had come into the bathroom, and was sitting on the back of the commode, which was between me and the door. She was watching me. I was surprised to see her, but it didn't bother me.

As I looked at her, she didn't look like Leah. She looked absolutely beautiful. She had brown hair. She had a fashionable dress which came to her knees. As we talked, I began calling her Allison.

She stood and walked closer to me. She continued talking, but I couldn't understand exactly what she was saying. I noticed an obese man walk by in the hall. It looked as if he were carrying a small child.

I was aware of my nudity and thought Leah was looking at me. But every time I looked at her, she averted her eyes. I started to become aroused and have an erection. My penis was limp at first, but then rose about half way. I was a bit embarrassed. I didn't really want her to see me with an erection.

As she continued to talk, it suddenly seemed as if she were saying something about her and me. But I couldn't understand her, and kept saying, "What? What?"

She kept looking at my body, and she said something about my leg. I looked down at my leg, which appeared to be lop-sided in the back. She said something about my stomach, and touched my stomach with her hand. She moved her hand along my thigh and down behind my leg. She said I needed to have an operation to take care of my leg. I said, "Well, I might be a little overweight or something, but I surely don't need an operation."

She came closer to me, and began moving her fingertips over my stomach. She moved them down again along my legs, and then right under my testes, brushing them with her fingers. She kept talking and I kept saying, "What?"

I couldn't imagine exactly what she was trying to say. It finally occurred to me that she was saying something about my vasectomy. I thought I might have heard her say that one of my testes was lop-sided, but then I realized that hadn't been what she had said. She then put her hand below my testes again, and once again touched them.

All the while I was becoming more aroused. She walked away from me, then returned again. I knew she was referring to my being naked as she said, "Well, you're just full of tricks, aren't you."

I looked at myself in the mirror as I said, "Leah, I've used up all my tricks already."

I meant that being naked in front of her was as far as I was going to go. I had no intention of going any further with her, even though I felt so attracted to her. I knew she was married and that I wasn't going to step over the line with her.

She stood right next to me and said, "You really like me, don't you."

I couldn't tell whether she was testing me to see what I would do, and had no intention of having an affair with me, or whether she really wanted to have an affair with me. I wasn't going to do anything because I thought she was testing me. I thought I was going to be strong enough to resist.

She moved her face close to mine until our lips touched. She began kissing me.

A thin man almost three meters tall, dressed in a green soldier's uniform, suddenly walked in. I broke away from Leah as the man looked at us. I thought her husband was away, and he wasn't going to walk in on us. But I thought to myself, "Here's this soldier guy."

He turned around and walked back out.

I didn't think Leah had actually come to live with me, but just to visit.

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