Oedipus was driven insane by his shame, and in his insanity he plucked out his eyes. But was he insane? Perhaps the plucking out of the eyes was a perfectly sane act. I do not think so. I have to say that self mutilation of that nature qualifies as an act of insanity.

Dream of: 16 April 1982 "A Rogue"

I was apparently at my mother's home which somewhat resembled her old Logan Street House, but which also seemed like a house in which I had never been before. My sister and I were in a room which seemed to be a bedroom. As my sister and I talked, she suddenly had a pain in her stomach. She stood and walked into my mother's bedroom, where my mother, apparently asleep, was lying on the bed. I followed my sister, who began moaning and groaning. When my mother asked her what was wrong, my sister replied, "Appendicitis attack."

I asked, "Well, do you think we should take her to the hospital?"

I sat down on the floor next to my mother's bed and said, "It seems awful strange that I can be such a rogue and do such terrible things, and nothing bad happens to me, and here my poor little sister comes along, and she's got all kinds of problems."

After turning on the lights, I noticed a plastic packet containing what appeared to be marijuana lying on a tray next to my mother's bed. I picked it up; I could clearly see marijuana seeds in the packet. When I asked my mother what it was, she replied it was something like lemon grinds. I looked at the substance again and I was sure it was marijuana.

I looked on the dresser beside the bed and saw a large marijuana roach. I picked it up, thinking that combined with the pot in the bag I could roll me a joint, but I immediately dropped the roach because it was hot. Fire was in it. I stopped and asked myself why it was hot. I looked at my mother and said, "You've been in here smoking, haven't you."

At first she said, "No." but then she admitted she had been smoking. She lay back on her bed. I walked over to her and kissed her. I moved my head down so it was over her white panties. I moved up so my penis was right in her face. She reached up and put my penis in her mouth. It felt fantastic. I was just about to put my hand inside her panties, but my penis felt so good in her mouth that after just a few seconds I cried, "No, hold it stop!"

I was afraid I was ejaculating. She took my penis out of her mouth, but it was too late. I felt myself ejaculating.

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