Dream of: 14 April 1982 "Strumming My Guitar"

I encountered Fulkerson (a fellow law student) at Baylor Law School and I began walking with him. Fulkerson was friendly and I enjoyed talking with him. We were both carrying musical instruments: I had a black and white instrument which appeared to be a cross between a banjo and a guitar, and Fulkerson was carrying a saxophone. We headed toward a large gymnasium and as we entered, Fulkerson asked me about my torts class. He said he had noticed from the way I had spoken in class that I had a good method for dealing with the subject of "contributory negligence." He had been in my torts class, but he hadn't done well on the first exam. I had never discussed grades with him before, but I said, "Well, that was the only class I did well in. I got a B plus in there. I got C's in everything else."

Once we had entered the gymnasium, I noticed to my left a large group of people resembling some of my high school classmates, and to my right a group resembling my law school classmates.

Fulkerson walked down the middle, and after laying down his saxophone, slipped and fell on his butt. Everyone burst out laughing. I followed him and I likewise slipped and fell on my butt -- once again everyone began laughing.

I picked myself up, walked over in front of a stage, and after laying my guitar down, stood by myself. Fulkerson picked up his saxophone and walked to the other side of the stage.

When other people walked onto the stage and began playing music, Fulkerson began fingering his saxophone. I thought I would like to start strumming my guitar.

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