Dream of: 10 April 1982 "Attacked"

I had somehow acquired some marijuana, perhaps from my old friend Randy Ramey. I was in a shack where I was living in the country. A girl with me seemed somewhat like Kim (a friend whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) and somewhat like my old girlfriend Birdie. She and I had smoked some of the marijuana together. She left and much time passed.

One day she came back; she had stopped smoking marijuana. I walked into my bedroom where I had what was left of the marijuana under a sheet. About all that was left was seeds. I sifted through it and retrieved enough marijuana to roll one joint. I walked back out to the girl and showed her the handful of seeds. When I asked her if she wanted to smoke any, she shook her head and looked away. I walked outside and threw the seeds into the back yard. I thought perhaps some plants would grow from some of them.

I walked back inside; the girl was obviously upset. Thinking she was probably going to leave, I told her I didn't have any more marijuana, but then I admitted I did actually have one joint left. We walked back into the bedroom where I pulled out some rolling papers and the one joint I had already rolled. It was rather bent up. I could tell she didn't want to see it.

So I left the house, walked alone out into a field and threw the joint away. I wasn't quite sure where I had thrown it and I started looking around to see if I could find it. It was dark outside. It suddenly occurred to me the girl was probably going to leave. It finally got so dark I couldn't see the house. I hollered out, "Hey Birdie."

As I looked toward the house I could see a road leading away to the right. She was already on the road leaving. She answered, "Yea?"

I hollered, "Wait. Wait. Don't leave yet."

I started walking toward her. Some crops were planted in the field. It had also been raining and the new light-brown shoes I had been wearing had become wet so the color was turning a dark brown. I wished I had been wearing tennis shoes. I hollered again, "Wait. Don't leave."

I began trudging through the field and kept hollering, "Don't leave."

I could hear her voice and I could tell she had turned around and was walking back toward the house. I finally reached the house; when I entered, I suddenly realized four creatures of some sort were in the house. The creatures suddenly attacked me. They stayed behind a counter, but I still began fighting with them. They seemed somewhat like people, except they had somewhat of a mechanical nature. One had a large knife-like weapon which I wrenched away. I began attacking the others with the weapon.

The name of one of the creatures was Joe. I suddenly heard a song in the background that went:

"Because ... goes to Joe,

Because Joe was awake."

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