Dream of: 09 April 1982 "Flickering Lights"

Leah and I, who were partners in the moot court competition at Baylor Law School, were walking to a room at the end of a hall to argue our case. Neither Leah nor I knew what the case was about, and I thought the competition was a big joke.

After Leah and I entered the room, Leah sat on one side of the room and I sat on the other. When two other fellows who apparently were our opponents entered, I had the impression they likewise didn't know what the moot court problem was. Law professor Erwin Elias and two other people who were going to be judges had entered the room.

I was under the impression that a different type of problem was handled each day in moot court, but that all the problems were about the same general topic. I figured I had a basic idea what the problem would be about today.

It was growing dark in the room. I walked over to the wall which contained two white light switches, one of which appeared to be broken. Nevertheless I managed to push both of them up. Two rows of lights were arranged across the ceiling, but only one row flickered on. I turned the switches off, then on again and said, "Here goes full power."

But no lights came on. I turned the lights back off and one of the little white switches broke off in my hand. I walked back to my chair and sat down. One of the fellows from the other team rose and said something like, "May it please the court."

He then walked over to Leah. I turned to Elias and said, "May it please the court. I don't know what the problem is."

Elias told me the problem had been posted the day before. The whole thing still seemed like a big joke to me.

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