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Dream of: 08 April 1982 "Preparing To Blast Off"

I was in a room which I at first thought was the library of Baylor Law School. I wanted to use a telephone. Since a woman was sitting at a desk using the telephone, I sat down in a chair and waited. The woman reminded me both of Della the librarian, and Mrs. Thompson (my eighth grade art teacher). As I sat here I noticed another room  separated by glass from the room I was in. I could see a band playing in the other room. The only member of the band I could see well was a woman drummer. Although I could see her drumming, the room was apparently soundproof, and I couldn't hear her.

I waited and waited for the phone, but the woman just continued talking. I looked up at the clock; it was a quarter till nine. That was too late to make my call. I rose and walked to another part of the room where a fellow and a girl were sitting down, and another black-haired girl was standing. Apparently, they knew me and they offered me a coke. I took it, drank some and talked with them. Apparently, they worked here. The coke tasted good and I thought it was the kind of coke  sold in restaurants where the syrup and water were mixed on the spot instead of being poured out of a bottle. It had been brought down from a place upstairs where food was sold. The coke was sold in the upstairs part of the building.

I sat down on the couch and the girl who had been standing sat down next to me. I thought she was pretty and I wanted to talk with her. She began talking about the woman who had been on the phone and about how she had an odd-shaped nose. She was referring to the fact that the woman was nosy. I said the woman's nose wasn't odd, but was long and straight. But I added that toward the end of the nose it did twist and turn a little peculiarly.

A man wearing a silver outfit which covered him from his feet to his neck walked into the room. I could see some wires in the outfit around his neck. Apparently, the man was an astronaut, and the place we were in was a spaceship  preparing to blast off.

As I continued talking to the black-haired girl sitting next to me, I suddenly realized she was Chris (a Portsmouth, Ohio girl with whom I knew when we were teenagers in 1970). I said, "I wonder what ever happened to Denise." (Denise was another Portsmouth, Ohio girl with whom I had a short relationship when we were teenagers in 1970).

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