Dream of: 05 April 1982 (2) "Two Killed With One Shot"

I had returned to Portsmouth, and was with my father in my second cousin Don's silver car, which Don was driving. My father was in the front seat with Don, and I was in the back seat. We were planning to go eat with John Roach, and Roach got into the back seat with me. It was rather dark in the back seat, but in my lap I could see the screen of a small Lexis computer which I was holding. I began typing on the computer and was going to show John how it worked. As I typed, the computer made a buzzing sound. Don didn't know I had the computer and asked what was making the noise. I told him it was Lexis buzzing, and continued typing away. John didn't understand much about Lexis, and it was difficult for him to figure out what was going on.

Don turned in a circle so he could go into the parking lot of a restaurant. As he swung the car around, the front of the car barely missed the edge of a building. My father told him to stop, but Don continued anyway and finally made it into the parking space between a car on the left and an orange van on the right. Since the orange van was between us and the restaurant, I didn't want him to park there, because when we went inside I would have to leave Lexis in the car, and I wouldn't be able to see the car because of the van. I wouldn't be able to see if someone tried to steal Lexis. I told them that Lexis had cost a great deal of money, and I knew if someone stole it, I wouldn't have enough money to pay for it.

Before I got out, I pushed Lexis to the middle of the back seat and slung a coat over it. I didn't say anything, but when we got out, I checked to make sure all the doors were locked. Before I got out I pushed down the door locks on both the left front and left rear doors. I then got out and checked the right doors. But I had a difficult time getting the front right door to lock. Each time I would shut it, it wouldn't stay locked. When Don, who was waiting for me, started to walk toward me, I realized I needed to hold up on the handle when I shut the door. I held up on the handle the next time and the door stayed locked. We then all walked toward the restaurant.

I knew that Don had moved from his country home on Schultz Run, Kentucky to another home. I asked him if he missed living in the country, and he indicated he was satisfied with his new home.

As I thought of the idea of living in the country and how nice it would be, I found myself sitting on the side of a hill somewhere in the country, perhaps somewhere near my Cabin. Although I was sitting under a large tree and trees were all around me, I could still see over the hillside. I watched some birds fly around and noticed a large black bird. I listened to the bird making its loud obstreperous chirping.

I looked in the tree overhead and saw a squirrel running around in the tree. I was sitting on a rather steep bank and had to move so I wouldn't slide off. I was afraid that my moving would scare the squirrel away. But after I had moved, I looked back up at the squirrel; it was still there. Suddenly, I noticed another squirrel and finally realized three or four squirrels appeared to be running around in the tree. It seemed as if the squirrels in the area had multiplied so there were more than there used to be. That was good because I didn't want the hunters to come in and kill them.

I thought of a story my grandmother Mabel had once told me. She had said she had once been hunting squirrels, and had seen two squirrels running through the trees. They had come to a point where they met and put their noses together. At that point she had shot and killed both squirrels with a single shot. I thought if someone were to shoot at the squirrels now in the tree, two could be killed with one shot.

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