Dream of: 02 April 1982 "Maintaining Lucidity"

I was completely nude in the kitchen of the Apartment on South Fifth Street when I heard someone coming from the living room into the kitchen. Suddenly a slender man (about 55 years old) about five and a half feet tall appeared in the doorway. He was wearing a baggy, yellow sweat shirt, pants and tennis shoes. He had stubble on his face and appeared not to have shaved for several days.

He stopped in the doorway and excused himself when he saw that I was naked. I didn't know who he was, but thought he seemed somehow familiar. Perhaps he was either a maintenance man or my roommate Reon's father. He stepped back out of sight into the living room.

I suddenly realized the man was actually someone who had been sent to challenge my power. I thought I should have done battle with him. I stepped behind the kitchen table which I thought perhaps I could use for a weapon. At the same time I was afraid and thought perhaps I should break out a window and call for help.

From where I was standing I could see the walls and door of the living room although I didn't notice any furniture in the room. The walls seemed wavy and things just didn't seem right.

Suddenly I became lucid. I maintained my equanimity while the awareness of my lucidity grew. I could actually feel power all about me. I was over anxious to exert my power over my immediate environment and began thinking of what I wanted to do.

I looked at the door and decided that if I really had power over the situation then I wanted Haim to step through the door. I continued looking at the door but nothing happened, even though the room seemed alive with energy.

I experienced difficulty maintaining my lucidity and felt myself slipping back toward my body lying on the bed. I realized I needed to hold my hands up to my face and look at them. My hands were resting on the table and I couldn't see them. It seemed to require more energy than I had and I was unable to raise them.

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