Dream of: 01 April 1982 "The Radish"

I was in a small cottage owned by Haim (a fellow law student). Since it was late at night, I was quite tired and I might have even dozed off. Although I was quite groggy, I became aware that Gregg Cooke (another fellow law student) had arrived. Cook began talking about food, and I opened the door to the kitchen. We both walked in and it became clear that he wanted me to get some food for him. As he pointed out different food in the kitchen, it seemed as if he were also joking at the same time. He wasn't at all like I thought he would be. He was quite funny, amiable and jovial. I had thought I wouldn't like him, but he turned out to be a nice fellow.

He wanted me to get some food for him, so I opened the refrigerator, where I saw quite a variety of food. Since Cook apparently was going to eat the food, I thought, "Well, he must pay Haim something for this."

I thought I might also eat something, but I thought I might ought to pay Haim something for it. But then I realized Haim just kept the food stored there for his friends to eat. He simply liked providing food. Cook asked for some lettuce. I pulled some out and I asked if ordinary lettuce would do. He said no, that he wanted a special kind of lettuce in the rear of a small drawer. He reached to the back of the drawer and pulled out the lettuce.

When he said something about "the radish," I saw some radishes in the refrigerator, and I thought about eating some myself. When he began eating some radish, I thought, "Well I don't know if radish would be good by itself."

Nevertheless I began fumbling through the radishes trying to find a good one. Most looked all right, but some had brown spots.

He said something about two girls, and I (finally beginning to snap out of my grogginess) said, "Where?"

He replied, "Is that all you think about is girls?"

I said, "No."

But I kept looking around until finally through a window I saw three girls, probably in their teens, walking along the street beside the big back yard. I kept looking at them, becoming ever more interested, and thinking, "I'm going to say something to them."

Two of them crossed through a small field next to the house and entered the house next door. The third girl, who had long brown hair, continued walking toward us, and I began trying to think of something to say to her, but I was bashful, and I thought perhaps Cook could think of something to say. Since I still had radishes in my hand, I thought of saying, "Hey, I'm selling radishes. Would you like to buy some radishes?"

But then I thought how stupid that sounded. I didn't want to say anything that had to do with money, or as if I were selling something.

A large yellow-orange cat and her kitten were coming through the field. I called to them, "Kitty. Kitty. Kitty."

I was using the cats as a ploy, because I thought if I called them I might somehow meet the girl. But I was surprised to see the large cat come right toward me, meow, and open its mouth so I could see its white teeth. I thought the cats must be hungry. The girl, however, stopped, and looked at us. Another fellow smoking a cigarette had shown up beside her. I thought he perhaps lived in a neighboring house and maybe was her boyfriend.

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