Dream of: 27 March 1982 "Looking Into The Future"

Fugitt (a former high school schoolmate) and I were at Walls' house in Portsmouth, listening to a red-covered album by Jimmy Buffet. After drinking about four beers, I thought about going to sleep, but liking the lyrics so much, instead I turned up the music and we listened to one whole side of the album. Fugitt said he wanted to hear the other side, so he turned it over and kept playing it. I had been planning to go home, but it became so late, I decided to simply spend the night. Finally about 12:30 in the morning, Walls came home, parked his car in the garage, and came down a passageway to where we were. Since the lights were off in the room, I stumbled over to the light switch and turned them on. Walls already knew Fugitt was in the room, but when he saw that I was still here, he seemed amazed that we were still listening to the Jimmy Buffet album and said, "Collier, you're still here."

I said, "Yea, I didn't feel like I was in any shape to go home."

Someone at Walls' house, perhaps Walls, needed to go to the West Side for some reason. He and I got on a motorcycle with him driving, and headed in the direction of Cincinnati. When we reached the West Side, the Ohio River was on our left. I noticed on our right, on the side of a hill, some giant cans which had been converted into out-houses. One can was about ten meters from us up the side of a steep bank. It was about two meters tall and had originally been used for holding tomatoes. I had never seen anything quite like it. The fellow with me said the cans might be being used as toilets and I replied, "Yea, that's exactly what I thought."

Then I noticed a somewhat smaller large can sitting on the railing of a porch of a house.

Finally we stopped in front of a barn whose sides were covered with sheet metal. It occurred to me that the cans could be used for sheet metal for the barn. The cans could be cut, straightened out, and then put on the barns in place of the sheet metal.

I could hear something in the barn but was unsure what it was. I walked around some chicken-wire fence to look into the barn. I could see what I thought were three calves lying on the ground inside. But then I noticed they had utters and were actually cows. One of the three stood up. When one cow finally came over to me, I put my fingers through a crack in the barn and petted it. The cow seemed to like my rubbing its nose. Another cow started to come to me, but then backed off.

We walked into a house where I found what appeared to be a computer screen which seemed to have a movie on it. I put some information into the computer and began watching it. In the movie a man saw that a woman he knew was going to be attacked. There was a scene which showed the woman being approached by a shadowy figure. I watched two or three scenes of the same event which hadn't happened yet, although I knew the scene was about to take place. The man had ESP and had gone to the rescue of the woman. The movie showed how the man had been able to look into the future and react to the situation.

It suddenly occurred to me that a woman who I knew was going to be attacked. It took me a minute to realize I needed to react in a similar way as the man in the movie to the situation. I knew the attack on her hadn't happened yet. The movie I had seen had been like looking into the future. There was still time to save the woman. I knew I needed to steal the motorcycle and go to the rescue of the woman.

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