Dream of: 25 March 1982 "Nefertiti"

I was in a house where my mother lived, which seemed to be on Third Street in Portsmouth. I walked outside, encountered Ron Stevens (a schoolmate from junior high school), took Stevens back into the house, and then walked outside again.

This time I encountered Leroy Maggard (another acquaintance from junior high school). I wanted to walk past Maggard as if I didn't see him, but he saw me and hollered to me. He seemed happy to see me. We started talking, and I also took him back into the house.

I recalled an incident when Maggard had once tried to pick a fight with me. I had been in my late teens and I had had long hair. Maggard apparently no longer remembered the incident. He only remembered when he had known me years earlier (in about the seventh grade) and we had been on friendly terms. 

Maggard was carrying a little metal box which contained a tooth with a gold filling. A second gold filling (not in a tooth) was also in the box. Maggard began trying to pry the gold filling out of the tooth with a piece of metal, but he was unsuccessful. He tried and tried, but he couldn't do it. Finally, he handed me the box with the tooth and I was immediately able to pry the gold filling out of the tooth. The gold was bright and shinny, and flat on one side. Maggard looked surprised that I had been able to pry the filling loose so easily. I handed it back to him as if it had been easy to do.

My old girlfriend Birdie and her daughter Brandi (about three years old) walked into the house. I was supposed to take them downtown, but before we left, I wanted to give something to Birdie. I had a nice brown shirt, as well as my black shirt. When I told Birdie she could have the black shirt, she said she would also like to have the brown shirt. When I told her she could also have the brown shirt, she fetched the shirts and some other things. She put a few things in a suitcase and a few things in a multicolored cloth sack which she had. When she was finished, however, I said, "Well Birdie, I'm not going to be able to give you those shirts."

I had started thinking Birdie would simply let her husband Rick wear the shirts, so even though she seemed disappointed, I said, "No, I'm not going to be able to give you those."

However, I did want to give her something. I knew I had a statue carved from wood which looked something like Nefertiti. I began looking for it, but couldn't find it. I looked and looked and searched through some drawers, one of which belonged to my sister. In my sister's drawer I found a wooden carving which I had given to my sister. The carving seemed to be religious in nature; it seemed to have the nativity scene in it.

Birdie and I walked into the bedroom where I continued my search. I discovered a number of toys in the closet and concluded that a child must be living with my mother. My sister's son, David (only about a year old) was in the room on the bed. I had earlier left him there alone. I now saw that he had managed to jump off the bed and fall on his head, but he hadn't hurt himself. When he stood up and started walking around, bumping into things, Birdie said to him, "Well, I didn't know you could walk."

I continued looking in the closet, but finally gave up when I couldn't find the Nefertiti statue.

Finally, Birdie, Brandi and I walked out of the house and caught a bus headed downtown. The bus finally stopped at the place where Birdie intended to get off, and we all climbed off. As we stood in an area which appeared to be the entrance to a store, for some reason I became suspicious of Birdie and I wanted to look into her multi-colored sack. I opened the bag and discovered my flute in its brown case inside. Accusingly, I said to Birdie, "Oh, you just happened to want to take my flute with you, huh?"

I then pulled from her bag the statue of Nefertiti. I told Birdie that I had originally bought the statue for her and that she didn't have to steal it from me. Now I decided I wasn't going to give her anything. I also pulled out an ornate wooden cross which belonged to me, as well as some other ornately carved items, and I laid everything on the floor beside me. I had thought Stevens had stolen all these things from me and in my mind I had been blaming him, but he hadn't stolen any of the things after all. 

Brandi kept running around and grabbing my leg until I finally said to Birdie, "Get that kid away from me."

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