Dream of: 21 March 1982 "Country Living"

I encountered Mrs. Weinstein (the mother of an old friend from my early college years) and I told her she had appeared in two of my dreams. As she showed extreme interest, I began telling her the first dream, which had taken place in my mother's 29th Street House in Portsmouth (my old hometown in hill-cradled southeastern Ohio). I first described the House's front door, which had actually consisted of two sets of doors, with four doors on each side, eight doors altogether. Each door had had a window at the top, and each door had opened so it folded back toward the wall. I described the doors to Mrs. Weinstein in great detail, and I even drew her a picture. As I first began drawing, the lines were straight and showed rectangular doors, but as I proceeded, the lines became more and more crooked and out of proportion. I could hardly find room on my drawing to insert the little windows into the doors, which somehow reminded me of doors which I had seen at Mrs. Weinstein's house. I told Mrs. Weinstein that the doors had made me realize she had had something to do with the dream. As I recounted the dream to her, however, I realized that when I had written the dream, I had forgotten to include her in it.

In the dream, my sister had also been in the 29th Street House with me. When some people in black leather jackets who looked like part of a gang started trying to break into the House, I ran over to the doors (which were open) and with difficulty pushed them shut. The doors, however, began to bulge inward as the gang members pushed them from the other side. I pushed back, thinking if I could push the doors back to a certain place on the floor, a golden bolt attached to the doors could be shoved down into the floor to hold the doors shut. I told my sister to push the bolt down, but we couldn't seem to make the bolt work, and the gang members continued to push from the outside.

As I related the dream, it occurred to me that Mrs. Weinstein had actually been in the House and had helped me fight off the gang members. I tried to think of a title for the dream and I thought of entitling it "Gangland." I intended to name the second dream in which she had appeared "Country Living."


After I had told Mrs. Weinstein about the dreams and left her, a couple days later I was feeling as if I would like to have sex with someone, and I decided I would like to go to bed with Mrs. Weinstein. I went to the place where she and her husband, Dr. Weinstein (an optometrist), were living in a modern house on a big hill in the country. I climbed up the back of the hill and reached the rear of their house, where I was surprised to find piles of cow manure all over the yard. I didn't think the untidy yard seemed to represent the way the Weinsteins would live.

I walked around to the front of the house, where I saw an old cow and a goat. I also saw a llama, which stood up and looked me right in the eye. When I looked at the llama's mouth (which was crunched together), I thought it was a cute animal. A fence kept all the animals in the yard.

When another furry animal jumped up and began making a shrill sound, I thought it might be a dog, even though it didn't look like a dog. It looked like an animal which I had never seen and which didn't have a name. A freakish little animal, it displayed a long gray with white hair all over it.  The shrill sound the animal was making sounded somewhat like a pig, but I thought, "Well, surely the Weinsteins, being Jews, wouldn't be raising pigs."

As all the animals began making strange sounds, I walked onto the back porch, looked inside, and saw Dr. and Mrs. Weinstein lying on the floor of the living room. Apparently, they had been sleeping, but the sounds of the animals had awakened them. Dr. Weinstein put on a pair of glasses and walked over to some wrenches and other tools scattered on the floor with which he had apparently been working. At first I stood outside, looking in, without saying anything, but finally I walked in and said, "Well, I just decided to come on up and see you again.

When Mrs. Weinstein smiled, I felt somewhat guilty about wanting to have sex with her, but the urge was still overwhelming.

I asked Dr. Weinstein where he had obtained all the animals, but he only replied that they were giving him a headache. I told him he could sell them, then added that he would probably hate to do that because he had become attached to them. He replied that he hadn't become attached to the animals.

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