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Dream of: 18 March 1982 (2) "Good-Bye Mr. Goodbar"

A younger man had come to my mother's 29th Street House one morning to visit my mother. She and the man had then traveled to Gallipolis for a while, and when they returned, my mother introduced the man to me. We talked for a while about some people they knew in Gallipolis. They mentioned one person they had met in Gallipolis who apparently was a mutual friend of theirs.

I asked the fellow what he did. Apparently, he worked in a factory and made a device which was used to hold up the roofs of mines, but now he was laid off. He apparently lived somewhere in Sciotoville, Ohio, and he wanted my mother to go there with him. Finally, my mother and I walked out of the room, and I pulled her into the bathroom with me. I said to her, "Mom, there's something about that guy. I don't want you going up there with him. I can't put my finger on it, but I just don't trust him."

I could see she really wanted to go. I raised my hand up and brought it down over top of her as if I were stabbing her. My actions reminded me of the final scene in the movie Good-Bye Mr. Goodbar where a stabbing takes place. I was trying to show my mother what might happen to her if she went with the fellow, but she didn't seem to be paying attention to me.

To make my point more clear, I laid her down on the floor on her back. I spread her legs apart, got on top of her and simulated having intercourse with her. While I was doing that, I raised my arm up and down over her as if I were stabbing her, but she appeared to have passed out and she wasn't paying any attention to me.

My sister walked into the room and saw what was happening. She supported my effort to keep my mother away from the man.

My mother stood back up, walked back into the room where the fellow was, and told him that she wasn't going to be able to go with him today, but that she might go some other time.

In the meantime, the fellow had picked up a pair of my ear phones and put them on. He walked back where I was and told me that he had his own set of earphones at his place, that his were larger than mine and that he liked his earphones better than mine.

When he finally left, I acquiesced, "Well if he comes back again, maybe the next time it'll be OK."

But I was still uncertain about the fellow.


I only remember the end of the movie Good-Bye Mr. Goodbar as being a scene where a psychopath stabs a woman to death, which must make me wonder if I also am a psychopath. It seems that the word "psychopath" means "sick in the mind." Oedipus must surely have been psychopathic to have actually cut out his own eyes. I'm quite sure I am not that crazy.

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