Dream of: 18 March 1982 "Spiritual Connection"

Birdie and I were sitting together in the front room of the Gay Street House. She had apparently moved to Sciotoville and had come to visit me. We sat and talked for a long time, and I kept looking at her. She was wearing wire-framed glasses. She seemed composed, older and wiser. The more we talked, the more I was spiritually drawn to her. I reached a point where I wanted to tell her that although I had thought I would never be able to say it again, I felt as if she and I were the same as when we used to be together, and as if I now wanted to be with her again.

She was sitting across the room from me. I looked at her right in the eye and we held each other's gaze for several minutes. It was clear to me that there was still a strong feeling between us.

I asked her where she was living and she responded that she was living in Sciotoville in a building where half the units were apartments and the other half were part of a motel. She told me her apartment had a burglar alarm in it. I mentioned that she didn't like to have a place without burglar alarms.

I thought my father would probably return soon.

Finally my sister showed up, and I walked into the kitchen. Birdie followed me into the kitchen. It was dark in the kitchen, and for some reason I thought I was going to embrace Birdie and kiss her, but I wasn't quite sure. Finally my sister came into the kitchen and I asked my sister if I could borrow her car to take Birdie home. Apparently Birdie didn't have a car and I didn't have one either. My sister said, "Yea."

I thought I might get a chance to talk with Birdie a while when I took her home.

I was unsure whether Birdie's husband was in town.

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