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Dream of: 08 March 1982 (3) "2001 A Space Odyssey"

I was in a class at Baylor Law School being taught by law professor Morrison. It was the first day of classes and I hadn't yet read my lesson. I had just opened my book for the first time while sitting in class. I didn't know whether we were supposed to have read anything, although apparently some students had been reading. We had a list of things which we needed to know; I expected Morrison to begin calling on people. I was apprehensive of that, but Morrison didn't call on anyone.

Instead he began talking about something on page 34. I began looking through my book; pages 20-33 were missing. Clifford was sitting next to me. I tapped him and pointed to my book at pages 20 and 34 to show that the intervening pages were missing.

Morrison said we also needed to look at page 36; so I leafed on to page 36; that page was in my book.

The class ended and we went to the next class, which was likewise taught by Morrison, who was sitting behind a desk. The class seemed like one in high school, perhaps my high school physics class. I needed to reach the front row, where my seat was; but the chairs were pushed up so close to the front wall, I had difficulty. I pushed the chairs back so I could get to my desk; then I sat down.

Morrison began writing something on the black board. Since I still couldn't see the board, I began pushing back some seats. Other people began pushing back the seats also. Morrison was watching what we were doing, but he didn't seem to disapprove. Finally, we settled down.

Morrison talked for a little while, and finally said he was going to play a recording. None of us knew what it was going to be about. After he turned it on, I figured out that it was a recording of music from the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. I sat listening for a while. There were no words, only music. I finally looked up and saw that everyone else in the class had left. As soon as Morrison had turned on the tape recorder he had left. Then everyone else had left. I decided I wasn't going to stay if everyone else had left.

I stood up and walked out into the halls of the law school. I headed for the locker room; I thought I saw Morrison coming down the steps. I didn't want to encounter him, because I was unsure whether I should have left his class. I ducked into the locker room.

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