Dream of: 08 March 1982 "Too Late"

I was lying in the back bedroom of the 29th Street House (a pretty brick-faced bungalow into which my mother moved in 1977 in Portsmouth), while my mother was sleeping in the front bedroom. I thought I heard a noise from outside coming in through a window by the headboard of my bed. I raised up, pulled the blind back a little bit and looked outside. I couldn't see anything, but I thought my movement at least would scare anyone away who might be outside. Unable to see anything, I lay back down. Since I could still see a light coming from my mother's room, I thought, "Well my mother must still be up."

I rose and walked to the door, from where I could see my mother lying on her bed in her bedroom and reading something. Although I was completely naked, I walked down the hall to her room. I turned the light off in her room, but there was still enough light from the hall so I could see. I was apprehensive that someone might be able to see me with my mother through the windows. I certainly didn't want that. But the windows looked as if they were covered well.

I lay down behind her on the bed, put my arms around her and scooted over on top of her so that my feet were on the floor beside her bed. I pulled up the little blue night gown she was wearing and began having intercourse with her. Almost immediately, after I began pumping, I felt as if I were going to ejaculate. But I didn't want to ejaculate so quickly, and I blurted, "Hold it. Hold it."

But suddenly I ejaculated and said, "Oh, it's too late."

I looked down at my penis, which was still inserted in her.

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