Dream of: 07 March 1982 "Having Faith"

I seemed to be living in Germany, where I was going to law school. I received a grade of B for one of my classes. Shortly thereafter I was supposed to go to a class taught by Edwin Elias (a law professor at Baylor Law School). At first I thought I wouldn't go, because I simply didn't want to, but finally I decided to go.

It was about 7 or 8 p.m. when I reached the classroom. I was uncertain it was my class and I asked someone what the class was. I thought they gave me the name of a class which wasn't mine, but for some reason I thought I was supposed to go into this particular room any way. However, a bit peeved because the class was being held at night, I said, "If I were in that class they were in I would protest about it and say something to the administration about the shoddy way they were handling classes, to put them off till late at night like that."

At the entrance were two long lines of people waiting to enter. A man was standing between the lines checking some cards of people in both lines as they passed through. I walked to the man's left and passed him without showing any card. I thought he would probably stop me, but he didn't and I walked on in.

The room was a large auditorium which reminded me of the one at Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, Ohio. It also reminded me somewhat of a church. I had once attended with Brian (a friend whom I first met in January 1981 when we began classes together at Baylor Law School in Waco, Texas). Not many people were yet there. I was unsure I wanted to sit directly in front of Elias, because I didn't particularly want to be called on to answer a question. Nevertheless, I headed toward the center of the auditorium, where Brian was sitting on an aisle seat. A couple girls were sitting next to him.

I walked over and said hello to Brian. He said hello. He smiled and acted as if he were glad to see me. I was going to sit in the seat right in front of him, but a purse was lying on the seat. At first I was going to ask Brian if someone was sitting in the seat where the purse was lying, but instead I walked a few seats farther down and sat in a seat about ten rows from the front and  almost directly in front of Elias.

Moon (a law student) was sitting nearby. He wanted to know how I had done on the test. I thought of holding up my fingers and trying to make a figure of a "B" with them, but he held up his fingers as numbers and I thought, "Yea, that's a lot easier."

If I held up three fingers, it would signify an A, two fingers a B, and one finger a C. I held up two fingers to signify a B. He seemed satisfied with that. I figured he was thinking I might be able to make law review if I made a B, but I knew I would need to make an A because I had already made a C. I wasn't interested at all in working that hard to make law review, so it didn't make any difference to me.

I could still talk to Brain from where I was; we exchanged some words. I was glad to see Brian. We had talked earlier before coming into the auditorium. I rather wanted to tell Brian I had made a B, because I was rather proud of it, but the subject didn't arise, so we didn't talk about it.

We were more interested in whether I had been smoking marijuana. I hadn't smoked marijuana in a long time—I wasn't exactly sure how long. I rather thought Brian was aware of that fact. I knew he had once gone through something similar. The way he was looking at me I wondered if he could somehow detect how I was feeling. He asked me how it was going. I held out my hand level, shook it a little and said, "Well it's kind of shaky at the moment."

Brian changed his seat and sat in the seat right behind me. He seemed to want to comfort me. I was unsure whether he thought I might just be acting as if I hadn't been smoking marijuana and actually had been smoking it, or whether he thought I was being truthful about the matter. I felt, however, as if Brian had faith in me; his faith was important to me and helped me.

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