Dream of: 27 February 1982 "Curse Of The Wolf"

I owned a large dog which resembled a German Shepherd or a wolf which my father had seemingly given to me. After I somehow deduced that I was going to have to kill the dog, I went to my father and told him what I had to do. I also told my father a curse was on him, and a curse was on me. I was unsure how the curse had been placed on him, but he had placed the curse on me. If I didn't kill the dog, then someday when the dog died, it would return and destroy me.

Killing the dog was especially difficult for me because it was beautiful and I cared very much for it. Realizing that my father seemed to understand my feelings, I enlisted his help to kill the dog. He and I discussed the matter, and I explained to him that I would have to shoot the dog twice, once in its body and once in its neck. It was very important that I shoot the dog both times.

We led the dog out into the backyard, which seemed like the backyard of the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). Other people standing around the yard watched us. I had a large gun which seemed like a shotgun. As my father held the dog on a leash, I pointed the gun at the dog and pulled the trigger. When the gun clicked without firing, I said, "There's something wrong."

As I worked with the gun and tried to figure out the problem, the dog began to catch on to what we were doing and I became concerned that it might try to attack me. Finally I pointed the gun at the dog again and fired. The bullet hit the dog's body and the dog fell over, but it wasn't yet dead. It then stood up, and headed toward me. Although my father was still holding the dog by the leash, I thought the dog was going to reach me. I aimed again, fired, and hit the dog in the neck. The dog fell over again and bled profusely, but it still wasn't dead - so I shot it again in the neck. It lay there gasping, obviously dying. I regretted having shot the dog, but as it gasped its last breaths, I felt as if a great burden had been lifted from me.

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