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Dream of: 16 February 1982 "Buying A Plane"

I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse, where I had been staying for a while. My mother came to get me to drive me to the House in Patriot (I myself didn't have a car). My mother began complaining about how much the gas was costing for taking me places. I told her I hadn't asked her to come and get me, but that she had insisted on it.

We boarded the car and headed off. As we traveled, I reflected that I had learned that the Swiver family (who lived across the street from the House in Patriot) had an airplane which they wanted to sell for about $25,000. I thought I might be able to buy the plane for about $1,000 down and pay off the balance in monthly payments. I talked with my mother about borrowing some money from her with which to buy the plane. I didn't know exactly why I wanted to buy the plane, but I thought I needed it.

When my mother and I arrived at the House in Patriot, Casey (a law school classmate) was there. Casey and I walked into the House, where we found my father. My father had already talked to the Swivers; he showed me some plans he had. He had already negotiated with the Swivers, and had offered to pay $901 down. He had the rest of the figures as to how much we would have to pay for the plane.

The plane itself was sitting in the kitchen of the House. As I looked it over, my father turned it on. The engine looked quite small, more like a toy than anything. We could look down some slots in the top of the engine and actually see it running. The plane had two seats which weren't enclosed, but open to the wind. My father said we could take it up and try it out. Although the plane was old, my father said the engine was brand new and only had about 1,200 miles on it. My father talked about having a mechanic look the plane over; I wondered where we would get parts if something went wrong with the engine.

Casey walked up and began looking at the propeller going round and round on the front. He was standing so close I was afraid he would get the arm of the green sports coat he was wearing ensnared in the propeller. I told him to keep away from the propeller. But he continued looking at it; he said he knew how to fly the plane. I myself didn't want to go up without a parachute and I began looking for one. I asked, "Well, are there any parachutes?"

But obviously there were no parachutes.

In the meantime, Casey took the plane out the door. I said to my father, "Well, we'll just let Wade go ahead and take it up. He can test it out and if he lives through it, then we can try it."

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