Dream of: 15 February 1982 (2) "Flying Ducks"

Vickie and I were flying kites. The sky was clear and blue and the sun was shinning. Somehow my kite turned into a bird to which was attached the string I was holding. I looked at it more closely; it was a duck; several other ducks were flying in the same area. The ducks seemed to be having difficulty coming with the wind. They would fly in the direction of the wind for a while and then turn around and just ride the current back in the other direction.

First one and then other ducks landed on the back of the duck which was attached to my string. My duck was much larger than the others and had much room for the other ducks on its back. My duck began flying farther away than I had intended and I then realized the string had broken. As the duck flew away, I could see the string still dangling from it.

I called this to Vickie's attention and we both followed the duck with our eyes. But it headed straight for the sun and we lost sight of it. The sun was so bright we just couldn't keep our eyes on the duck.

Vickie and I left; we entered a little shop and she began talking with some other people. One of them seemed to be her mother. From what Vickie was saying I inferred that she was soon going to stop seeing me. If that was the case, it would probably be better for me to simply depart now and end the whole affair. I didn't want to leave her and was unsure how to do it. Finally, I just stood, said good-bye and walked out the door. I had only gone about ten steps when Vickie called out to me. She was standing in the doorway and had tears in her eyes. She sobbed that I shouldn't just leave her like that.

I wanted to walk back to her, but thought that if I did so I would be giving in. So I just stood here and listened to her.

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