Dream of: 15 February 1982 "Roused From Slumber"

It was still early morning and I was in a large building which seemed like a movie theater. Many people were sitting in the seats sleeping and most looked like Mexicans.

I had my flute with me and I began playing loud shrill notes which sounded quite nice. As I ran over the scales a few times, people roused from their slumbers. They didn't seem angry that I had awakened them. I had entered from the front and walked toward the back. I then noticed a door in the back and saw several Mexicans furtively enter the theater through the door. I surmised that they were sneaking into the country from across the border. I walked back to the door and went into the room from which the Mexicans had come. It was a toilet. A small window was there and I figured the Mexicans had crawled through it. I tried to stick my head through the window to see what was outside. But it was too small to put my head through. I wondered how the Mexicans had been able to enter.

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