Dream of: 14 February 1982 (2) "Bridge Collapse"

I was driving across the U.S. Grant Bridge (which crosses the Ohio River from Kentucky to Portsmouth) headed toward the Ohio side.

Some construction workers were working on the bridge and large metal poles rose from the bridge high into the air. Several metal, rectangular platforms were attached by metal chains to the tops of the poles and the platforms dangled beneath the poles. A chain ran from each of the four corners of the platforms to the top of a pole. Each platform was about 5 by 10 meters in size. Construction workers were standing on the platforms.

Suddenly the bridge (while I was still on it) began shaking and I thought it was about to collapse. I jumped out of my car, raced toward one of the central beams and grabbed it as the bridge collapsed around me. I saw a platform still held by the chains and I jumped on to it. The entire bridge collapsed except for the several poles and the hanging platforms.

Three or four other platforms were hanging from the same pole which supported the platform I was on. All the platforms were at different levels.

My platform (made of steel) was hanging motionless; but other platforms were swinging like pendulums. Some platforms had several construction workers on them and some had only one.

Two construction workers were on one of the platforms. One worker was standing with his arms crossed as the platform swung back and forth around the pole.

One platform swung closer and closer to mine. Finally it ran into mine and knocked mine into motion. My platform began swinging wide, back and forth around the pole. I swung quite far from the pole. My platform was becoming dangerous, because I was coming close to hitting another platform also swinging. And I also came close to hitting another platform which wasn't swinging. On a platform below mine a fellow had spread out a large, beige, fur cover. He was lying on the cover as his platform swung about the pole.

My platform began to tip a bit. I placed my hand on the side to hang on. I was worried, however, that another platform might hit mine and injure me.

My platform was near the top of the pole. The pole was quite slender and only about 5 centimeters in diameter. When another platform with only one person came near mine, I reached out my hand and grabbed the other platform. Both platforms came to a halt.

I looked into the water of the river below us. We were very high. I asked the fellow on the other platform if he thought someone could fall into the water from here and still live. He said a person could probably fall from our height and still live.

Some bolts were protruding from the pole. I suggested to the other fellow that we climb down the pole on the bolts. I said, "Well, lets climb down this pole."

I began climbing down the pole. After I had descended a ways, the pole began bending over, but I simply reached out and bent the pole back straight. I continued down the pole and the construction worker followed. As we approached the bottom, I could see that people had come out on a boat to rescue us. One fellow had come out on what appeared to be a motorcycle which went in water. He came close to me and said, "Jump on."

I made a leap and jumped onto the back of the motorcycle. I held onto the back as he headed toward the Ohio shore. My seat was on a level with the water so I couldn't see anything below the seat. At first my legs were hanging down in the water, but then I raised up my legs and held my tennis shoe-clad feet out in front of me, pushing the water.

When we neared the shore, I jumped off into water up to my waist and walked up onto a platform which extended out into the water. The construction worker who had been on the bridge with me was likewise being brought to shore by someone on a floating motorcycle. But the construction worker wasn't sitting on the motorcycle. Instead, he had what appeared to be a fishnet thrown over him and he was being pulled through the water to the shore. There was nothing to prevent his sinking into the water, and he appeared to be about to become exhausted and drown. So I jumped into the water and swam toward him. I reached him, grabbed him and pulled him up on the shore. He then appeared to be all right.

I walked toward a large crowd gathered on the shore, and among the people I recognized some women from law school. One woman approached me and I said, "I just come off that platform off the bridge."

One woman was Katherine, although she didn't really look like Katherine. I walked up and began talking with her.

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