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Dream of: 14 February 1982 "On Hands And Knees"

While I was in the bathroom of the House in Patriot, Regina (a Portsmouth acquaintance) stepped into the doorway. She was very attractive and looked better that I had ever seen her. She asked me what I had been doing and how I had liked where I had been. I looked at her for a moment and thought of answering, but Instead, I slipped my arm around her waist, pulled her toward me and began kissing her. She immediately responded and we quickly fell into a passionate embrace. I decided I wanted to have intercourse with her right there.

I reached under her dress which fell to her knee, grabbed her panties and began pulling them down. I thought once the panties were off she would put them in her purse.

I shut the screen door and regular door to the bathroom, but I didn't lock them. I unzipped the beige pants I was wearing and extracted my penis. As we continued kissing, I hiked up one of her legs with my hand. I wanted to hold one of her legs up in the air and have intercourse with her standing up, but finally I told her to knell down on the floor on her hands and knees. She knelt down and I pulled up her dress exposing her rear. I then inserted my penis into her vagina. I noticed some sperm-like white substance around the edge of her vagina as my penis went in, but apparently it was some liquid she was exuding and not sperm. I began pumping.

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