Dream of: 13 February 1982 "Logic Of The Blues"

I was sawing something with a chain saw in the front room of the 29th Street House. I set the saw down while it was still running; it tipped over, cut a large swath in the brown and white carpet and made a few other nicks. I tried to push the carpet together with my hands where I had cut it. The cuts were about the thickness of a chain saw blade. I tried to push the threads of both sides of the carpet toward the middle. I covered the hole somewhat, but not completely.

My mother had been sweeping in the next room with an electric sweeper. She entered the living room, gave me the sweeper and I began using it. The carpet did seem a little dirty. While I was sweeping, my mother discovered the cuts in the carpet and said something about it. I replied, "Well, I'll never cut with the chain saw in the living room again"

She said, "No, no. That's OK. You're just going to have to learn to be more careful."

She was somewhat upset, but she didn't seem to be extremely angry.


I was walking around the halls of Baylor Law School with my lawschool friend Leah. We had our arms around each other. She was no longer her normal thin self; she had gained some weight. I commented about it. I said that surely her husband knew by now that she and I had been having sex together. But I didn't think that either he or she would be really concerned, because Leah and I figured that since her husband had been away for so long, he must be having sex with someone himself.

We walked through the halls until we came to a gymnasium. We entered from a door in one of the corners and began walking toward the center of the gym. Then we made a U-turn and walked back to the door in the corner. After we entered a room, I was no longer with Leah, but with a woman of about the same size as Leah who had black rather than blonde hair. We were now standing in a room of a house in which I was living in Portsmouth. I walked out onto the front porch. A man pulled up in a car to the front of the house and asked me where Long Street was. I told he we had only lived in the house for about a month. I looked at the street in front of me and realized I was in the Grandview Avenue House. I pointed down the road and said I thought Long Street was in that direction. I explained however that I had only been living in the House for about a month. Although Long Street used to be in that direction, I told him the streets in that area had been changed around and I didn't know anymore exactly where Long Street was.

My companion was still standing in the room when I walked back in. As I walked in, I heard a woman singing on the radio. I knew immediately it was Leah singing. Her voice was quite beautiful. There was a man in the background accompanying her on a musical instrument. I stood almost stunned. It seemed I just fell over on my back on the floor. When I regained my senses I realized several people were in the room listening to the radio and that the broadcast was coming out of Columbus, Ohio. I asked my companion, "Do you know who that is singing?"

When I saw that she didn't know, I said, "It's Leah."

We then heard the radio announcer come on the air. He said, "This is Leah ..." and then pronounced her last name. I was not positively sure what he had said, but it sounded like "Mannassa." I was unsure whether it was Leah's husband's name or the name of the man who was accompanying her.

I was surprised to hear Leah singing on the radio. Although my companion and I had been planning to make music together, we thought Leah had been interested in film and had left to go into making movies.

I said to my companion, "She's singing and we're not. Why don't we sing?"

She replied, "Well what would you like to sing?"

I answered, "Just anything. We just gotta sing something."

She said, "Well, no, you can't just sing anything. You gotta pick out a certain kind of music. Every kind of music had its own style and its own logic."

She mentioned the "blues." She said the blues had its own logic.

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