Dream of: 11 February 1982 "Black Ray Of Light"

I seemed to be in a law school class  being held in a stock yard. I was on an upper level where I could see down into an arena, where a group of cattle seemed to have run amuck and had fallen on some law students. I was trying to descend down to where they were. Most students (including myself) appeared to be wearing suits.

Somehow the cows had grouped into a pile and were lying on several law students and crushing them. Leo Bacher (a law student) and Campbell (another law student) seemed to be at the bottom of the pile. Some other people were frantically trying to get the cows off the law students.  By the time I reached them, most cows had already been taken off. When the people were reached, the first fellow on top tried to rip off his suit, as if he were smothering.

People were pushed off the pile until the bottom was reached; there lay Campbell. I reached Campbell and said, "Campbell! Campbell! Are you hurt?"

He replied, "No. I seem to be OK. I'm breathing."

I asked, "Well, are there any broken bones though. We'll get you to a hospital."

He said, "No."

He was still lying on his back; he seemed happy just to have the cows off from him. He said, "No, I don't think I have any broken bones. I think I'm going to be OK."

After Campbell had regained his feet, he and I began talking. It soon became clear that he had acquired an old letter I had written, perhaps to my father. The letter was a bit like a post card; it seemed to have a little pornographic cartoon and funny little pictures on it. It seemed strange that he had obtained the letter. Referring to myself I said, "Boy you sure do know some characters, don't you."

Campbell walked off, leaving me standing alone; I looked around. Some other students were nearby; I debated whether I should join them or just wait for people to come to me to talk.

A number of my classmates were nearby; among them were several Mexicans. The Mexicans were talking about test scores. One Mexican, who had made a score of 24 on a test with 25 questions, was standing at a railing near some stairs. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue denim shirt. Apparently he couldn't speak English well. A large crowd of people was around him; someone told him he had made the high score. McSwain walked up to him and stuck out his hand to shake as if to congratulate him for his score. McSwain was in a rather jovial mood and said something like, "Oh you're the one that made such a high grade."

The Mexican had his hand hanging over the railing and he didn't see McSwain's hand at first. But finally the Mexican saw McSwain's outstretched hand and put his hand in McSwain's hand. Although McSwain had vigorously shook the Mexican's hand, the Mexican had simply held his hand limp. The Mexican whispered something into McSwain's ear and McSwain replied, "No, I don't mind."

The Mexican kissed McSwain on the cheek the way men do in the Middle East. A general commotion followed and people began marching away.

Patterson (a law student) was standing to the side. As people marched away I could tell Patterson was dissatisfied that Mexicans were in our class. He seemed dissatisfied in general about any foreigners being here. His attitude angered me. As we marched out, I walked behind him and sarcastically said, "Yea we ought to get rid of all the Mexicans. Get rid of all the Jews. And the coloreds. The black people. And the Catholics. And all the foreigners in general."

Just as I said "Get rid of all the Jews" I noticed Haim (an Israeli) standing nearby. I could tell Patterson had heard me, but he just walked on.

It began to seem that working with foreigners might be part of my destiny. I understood the feelings of foreigners in the United States because I had been in other countries. Taking up their cause appealed to me.

Just as I began walking up some stairs, Brian stepped up in front of me. I knew Brian and Patterson were good friends. I said to Brian, "Your friend really pisses me off sometimes, when he starts talking about getting rid of the foreigners."

Brian stood erect in front of me. He looked strong and virile; I felt the same. Even though I was complaining, I was in a good mood. As Brian stood in front of me, a ray (almost like a ray of light, only black) appeared to be coming out of one of his eyes. The ray was almost like a hair, or a group of hairs. I only noticed it for a moment and then it seemed to vanish.

Brian began talking and making motions with his hands. As he did so, he touched my lip with his finger. While his finger was there I bit it. He then pulled his finger back and continued talking. I said, "Well, I'm sorry I bit your finger. But you know how it is when people stick their finger in you mouth. You tend to bite them."

I made a motion as if I were going to stick my finger in Brian's mouth; but then I stopped and sarcastically said, "But of course Brian, it would be OK if you stuck your finger there, because I know your fingers are so clean."

I was merely poking a little fun at him. He seemed to understand that he probably shouldn't have stuck his finger in my mouth.

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