Dream of: 06 February 1982 (2) "Unbearable Pressure"

I was in Portsmouth, engaged in the job of painting a cottage white. My father had earlier marked on the cottage with a pencil to show where I was supposed to paint. He had marked all the way around the cottage with the pencil, and then at the top of the house, so the result was that I was going to have to paint the entire house. But the black marks had somehow been covered over, so I had to redo them before I actually began painting.

Finally, I went to downtown Portsmouth, where I found that a large building had been erected on the corner of Gallia and Second Streets, right where the Ramada Inn normally stood. I, then, was given the task of building a building of about 25 stories directly across the street from the new building. Apparently, the city had found some plans for the building dating back to the 1940s, and wanted to build the building according to the plans.

I was put in charge of the operation and had the building built. When it was finished, the building was quite large at the bottom and diminished in size going up, until the top wasn't very large. At the top of the building were some gigantic statues.

First I looked the building over from the inside. My father walked up to me and said a comic book had come for me in the mail. I was getting ready to get the comic book, when I looked outside through the glass doors and saw Leah walking up. She was carrying some books. I thought she probably wanted to see the building which I had built. She stood in the door, until I walked up to her and we walked outside. We walked across the street and boarded a car. As I leaned back in the seat, I looked at the building and commented about it.

I looked at the beautiful statues at the top of the building—they were somehow moving. Although the statues were obviously made of concrete, it looked as if people were on both sides pulling on the statues, having some kind of pulling contest. It also looked as if some animals, perhaps cows, were on one side of the statues.

Meanwhile Leah's and my arms and hands were touching. She laid her hand on my arm and I put one of my hands on her arm. Finally, I managed to move my hand around so my thumb was in her armpit. As I talked about the building, she suddenly leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I kept my mouth shut, pushed her away and said, "Leah!"

I hadn't expected that from her. She backed away and said she had just had to do it, that the pressure had become unbearable. I wondered whether I should have let her kissed me, or if I had acted correctly by pushing her away. What was I going to do now?

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