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Dream of: 06 February 1982 "Never Happened"

Someone else and I were somewhere out in the country selling insulation. We drove and drove, and kept passing by where people were building new houses. Most houses had plugs in their sides where people had drilled holes in the houses and insulated them. Finally, as we passed by where one new house was being built, I realized I had once before insulated another house on that same spot. Apparently, the house which I had insulated had burned down.

My companion and I got out of the car and began walking. Staggs was standing nearby; I talked with him for a minute before walking on.

I began thinking my brother Chris was going to have a baby. At first I thought he himself was actually pregnant, but then I began thinking he had gotten someone pregnant. Finally, I concluded that Chris wasn't going to have a baby, but that he was going to become an uncle. I began thinking perhaps I had gotten someone pregnant, but I really was unsure what the situation was.

I encountered my sister, who said she had already told Chris that he was going to become an uncle. I hadn't yet told him. I thought it might be best that she had told him.

It seemed that my sister and I were on an upper level and that Chris was down below us. He seemed unconcerned that he was going to become an uncle. I had thought he would be concerned about it.

Finally, I found a news magazine, which I began reading. On the second page were some encapsulated summaries of the stories in the magazine. One story was about some members of the United Nations. Two stories had pictures of two men, Indians from India. The Indians apparently were seeking help for having been expelled from the United Nations. One of the Indians smoked cigarettes. There were a couple other things which I didn't like about him. I didn't pay much attention to this story. One story was only three lines long. I glanced at it and then went on to the next one.

That story was about the man who had played the character Doctor Smith on the television series "Space Family Robinson." The story said the man had played a role in an earlier space show, then had played a stowaway on "Space Family Robinson." The story mentioned that on the last episode of the show, the man had turned into some kind of freakish monster. There was also a weird picture which showed a head which just seemed to consist of ram's horns which seemed to be butted together. At the bottom of the picture, it said someone had hit the ram's horns with the head. That had caused some slits in the ram's horns, which were like yellow teeth.

The more I read the story, the more it seemed like a long, pretty poem, the last sentence of which said, "You can't pretend that it just never happened."

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