Dream of: 05 February 1982 "Commercialize"

I had been looking for Kim (a friend whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) and went to a house to visit a girl who I thought was Kim. There I found her weaving something from bamboo strips which I thought were baskets. I lay down, watched her and thought I needed to be doing some art work. If I had my collage pictures, I could work on making collages or if I had my typewriter, I could be typing up my dreams. But since I had neither my pictures nor my typewriter, I just watched.

In the room was a large lamp (as big as a person) which looked something like a gigantic bean bag. I looked at the material of the lamp and asked Kim if it had been woven. She replied that it hadn't, that it had just been some cloth that had been sewn together. Apparently, it had some kind of sand-like material in its interior.

I finally realized she was actually making chairs. She finished one chair, which was quite pretty, and then began working on another one. She worked and worked and finally a fellow showed up and began helping her. The two continued working until they finished. I was amazed because the chair was absolutely beautiful. I had never seen anything put together with bamboo so beautifully.

I looked again at the first chair and asked, "Kim, can you make one of these in a day?"

She replied that she thought she could. Even though I knew it would go against her grain I said, "Kim, what you need to do is commercialize. Commercialize."

I then noticed the first chair had a few pieces of wood at the bottom which appeared to be coming out of their sockets. Apparently, she hadn't been making chairs long and I asked her what she could do to keep them from coming apart at the bottom where the wood fit together. She replied, "Well it's just an art. You have to take some time to figure it out."

She then sat down on the chair and began violently rocking back and forth. As she did so she reached underneath the chair and began pulling on the bottom until the whole thing came apart.

The fellow then walked upstairs and hollered down, "Oh Steve I think I know where Kim is now."

He said she was upstairs and I heard him talking to her. I could hear her tell him that she had come in but she just didn't feel like the mood was right for her to come downstairs right at the moment. She said she had lain down on a couch upstairs and had almost fallen asleep.

I continued sitting with the girl who had been making the baskets and I thought about Kim. Finally, I walked upstairs and found Kim sitting on the floor. It was definitely Kim. Part of the confusion arose because Kim was both upstairs and downstairs at the same time. I walked over and sat down beside Kim. She spoke and I thought she said, "Do I stand in the way between you and Kim?"

I looked at her funny. I knew she knew I was interested in the girl downstairs. I drew close to her and she put her arms around me. I rolled onto the floor next to her and she said something like, "You know I'm the one for you."

I wasn't quite sure what she said and I wanted to ask her to repeat it, but then we began kissing. The kiss was very good and I was surprised she could kiss so well. I remembered I had asked her to kiss me the last time I had seen her in Portsmouth and she wouldn't do it. I saw that she had now had time to think it all over and was no longer inhibited about it.

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