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Dream of: 04 February 1982 (2) "Concentration Camp"

I was in the downstairs bedroom of the Gallia County Farmhouse. My father and some other people were waiting for me to get dressed. I came across a magazine in the room which was something like a National Enquirer. Opening it up, I found pages filled with pictures of nude women. There were several pictures of one woman who had black hair and was very attractive. I become aroused and began to masturbate. I imagined the woman being in some familial relationship to me, such as my sister, mother or aunt. Abruptly I quit masturbating and decided not to succumb further to the urge. I busied myself about the room getting ready, but I kept thinking about the pictures and finally gave in and opened the magazine again.

This time I opened to a page with several pictures of nude blondes. I thought at first the pictures were of Marilyn Monroe, but looking closer and reading a bit, I learned that the magazine had had a Dolly Parton look-alike contest and all the pictures were of women who looked something like the singer Dolly Parton. I excitedly began masturbating. I wanted to see more pictures and I leafed toward the front of the magazine, but I only found ads for flowers. The ads were very colorful and I thought some pictures could be used in collages.

I leafed to the back and was surprised to find picture after picture of scenes from World War II. One picture covered the whole page and seemed glossy. It showed Adolph Hitler in vivid color standing tall and proud. He had a mesmerizing look about him. I couldn't help but wonder at the evilness of the man.

Another picture showed a room in a Jewish concentration camp. On the right were double-tiered bed-like arrangements. They actually consisted of only boards, one row on the bottom, another on top, on which starving Jews were lying. They were all men and most were nude and emaciated. A couple men were wearing gray prison clothes and were in better physical shape than the others. I thought those men were probably Nazi sympathizers or informants for the Nazis. I thought it ironic that if the prisoners were ever freed, the ones who had helped the Nazis would have survived.

The men were all crammed in together on the beds. Apparently, they spent all their time lying there. Next to the beds on the left was some type of machinery which resembled a conveyor belt. I thought I saw some bodies on the belt and realized the belt was to convey the dead outside to be buried. I thought how it might be possible for someone to escape by pretending to be dead, and be conveyed out. Then if the bodies were all thrown into a common grave and covered with a bulldozer, he could possibly dig his way out. It would certainly be a long shot chance but maybe it would be worth it to try.

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