Dream of: 04 February 1982 "A Bit Delirious"

Having finished using the urinal in a public toilet, I decided I also wanted to wipe my rear with some nearby toilet paper. I pulled down my pants, wiped, and when I had finished, was surprised to see a large glob of feces on the paper. I thought I must have forgotten to wipe the last time I had defecated.

I walked around to a stall which contained a commode and as I entered it, I noticed a woman standing in the entrance door to the toilet. She disappeared and I began to wonder if I had made a mistake and had entered the women's toilet. I pulled down my pants, but not my white shorts, and I sat down on the commode.

I heard something, and looking around the corner of the stall, I saw several women enter. I asked them if I was in the wrong toilet and they said no. I concluded they were cleaning women. One walked over to me and stood in front of me even as she kept talking to the others. Finally, she reached out and pulled down my shorts, revealing my erect penis. The woman stroked it a couple times, then stopped. I told her it was all right if she stroked me. So she began again. Then she bent over and stuck my penis into her mouth. I began thinking that I had just urinated and some bacteria was probably still on my penis; but I decided if she didn't care then I didn't care.

After watching intently as she stuck about two thirds of my penis into her warm and wet mouth, I began pumping up and down.

Another pretty woman dressed in white stepped up. The first woman backed off and the second woman plopped my penis into her mouth. I was beginning to feel a bit delirious. I reached down and stuck my hand in the top of the woman's blouse and slipped my hand under her bra. Her breasts weren't large but were firm. I squeezed them hard. I decided I wanted to get inside her pants. As she continued performing fellatio on me, I twisted around so I was able to reach under her dress. I thought I might be able to turn her around and actually begin having intercourse with her.

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