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Dream of: 01 February 1982 "Big Mess"

My brother Chris had become something like a king or a high governmental official. But he was only a small child (3-4 years old). One day (while no one was watching him) I put him in a car and drove away with him. We were in Portsmouth and I thought I might take him to my Cabin. So I drove onto route 140.

I was having a rather difficult time driving and once I nearly ran off the road on my right. I swerved just in time to avoid going off a steep cliff.

I finally stopped and began pondering whether I should take Chris to my Cabin or somewhere else. I stood outside the car and started thinking I would have to carry not only Chris but also food up to the Cabin. I knew he would be very happy. I decided that would be best.


Chris and I were in the Cabin, which had several rooms. The room where we were had much furniture. Colorful wallpaper made the room attractive. I explained to Chris that I had built the Cabin all by myself.

When a car passed by outside, I became disturbed and I walked out. I then realized I wasn't actually at my Cabin, but at the House in New Boston. The car pulled up toward the House and I saw a black fellow (probably in his late 20s) inside. He stopped the car, stepped out and approached me. Meanwhile another car driven by a second black man pulled up. He likewise got out, and then made some kind of motion as if he were pointing a gun. Completely unarmed, I became alarmed. I might be able to fool them into thinking someone in the House had a weapon. I motioned as if I were telling someone in the House to point a gun in the direction of the black men.

The first black man walked up to me and asked me if it would be OK to do some shooting up here. I promptly told him no, that we didn't allow any hunting or shooting. We enjoyed having wildlife around and didn't want hunters coming in and killing it all.

The second man began talking about how he had driven farther out the lane looking for the place where the view was supposed to be so good, but had been unable to find it. I didn't want to direct him back out there, for I wanted them to leave. I said he wouldn't be able to see anything today because the fog was so bad. Indeed the entire area was covered by a dense fog which reduced visibility to about 20 meters.

The second man walked up to the House and began looking at it. He looked into a window at the end of the house where we were standing and asked, "Why is this window covered over from the inside?"

I began to explain that the house had been different at one time and that I had added on to it. In the process it had been necessary to cover one of the windows from inside. We looked at the House; a log room had been added to one end.

When a third fellow showed up, the three men appeared to be white. One walked up to the House and began kicking it on a level with his face with his muddy shoes. The siding there was white and his shoes left muddy marks on the board. I said, "Hey, take it easy on the sideboards."

Another man walked toward the log part of the House, which was the part where I had been with Chris. Being unable to stop him, I followed him inside. The room was a total mess. Clothes, pillows, covers and clutter were pilled all around on the floor. I began saying that the place was such a mess, I hated for anyone to see it right now. The fellow walked across to the back of the room, picked up a white towel and held it stretched between his hands. He started walking toward me with it and I immediately knew he was going to try to kill me. I backed toward the door and prepared to run. He was only about 10 steps away and I knew if he could run fast, he could easily catch me. I thought for a moment about leaving Chris and I wondered if the men would kill him. In a way I thought it might be for the best since he had muscular dystrophy anyway.

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