Dream of: 29 January 1982 "Yellow Window"

I had gone to Kentucky in the vicinity of South Shore to what appeared to be some kind of Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and had sat down on a mattress on the floor.

About 15 people were in the room and most were young and black. The meeting wasn't being conducted at all like a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. All kinds of movement and activity was taking place in the room and it occurred to me that the people there constituted one of the strangest groups I had ever seen in my life.

A man spoke for a while and then suddenly he shifted all the attention in the room toward me. I protested that I was just an observer and that I didn't want to take part, but he wanted to know who I was and he wanted to delve into why I was there. He wanted to bring me into the main stream of what was occurring in the meeting. I wasn't at all offended.

Finally, the man ran over to me. I wasn't wearing any pants and he grabbed my penis and began pulling it. There was nothing sexual about what he was doing; he was just trying to make a point about something, but I wanted to be free from him. I tried to pull away, but I couldn't break loose.

Finally, I did manage to get loose. I walked over, sat down by myself and tried to understand the significance of what had just happened. Suddenly, all the lights went out. Other people came near me and tried to grab me. I kept one hand over my penis and I tried to fend them off with the other hand. Finally, the lights went back on. I had my flute with me, began playing it and other people began dancing and clapping. However it wasn't like a party and there was special symbolism behind everything occurring. I began to feel very unified with the people, who were now white instead of black. Quite a few attractive girls were also amongst them.

Kim (a friend whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) crossed my mind and I thought, "Kimberly ought to come to a meeting like this. Well, no, this is a little intense for her. She probably wouldn't be able to handle it."

I pulled out my camera, wanting to take pictures of everyone. Someone said everyone could get into a group and I could take a picture of all of them. It looked as if there were about 20 people. I had several frames I could click off on my camera, and I wanted to take pictures of some people alone. I began taking some pictures and another fellow also began taking pictures. His camera, like mine, had a flash on it. Suddenly, there was a flash in the room and neither of us was sure whether it had come from my camera or his.

Finally, I left, went home and lay down on my bed. A man and a woman from the group came into my room and told me the group was having an encounter session at midnight and they would like for me to come. They wanted me to become part of the group, but I was a bit apprehensive about going at midnight. The midnight group had something to do with dreams. The woman mentioned to me that I would probably always see my dreams through some kind of yellow window; but there was some kind of alternative.

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