Dream of: 28 January 1982 "Gathering Fruit"

I was in a large truck being driven by Steve Buckner. Carolyn Counts (a Ross County woman whom I dated 1980-1981) was sitting between us in the front seat. We were on a country road almost like a one lane driveway, but as we drove along, we passed several houses.

Carolyn was directing us and was taking us somewhere. I was unsure myself where we were going. It was growing dark outside. We came up over a rise and the road just ended. A fence was in front of us, but we had enough room to turn around. An old barn was standing to our left.

For a moment I thought of playing a joke on Carolyn and telling her that this was where she was going to meet her end, but then I realized she had been the one who had directed us here so she obviously would not think it had been our idea to bring her here. I considered playing the joke on Steve, but I quickly discarded the idea.

I stepped out the truck, and when I turned back around I saw that the truck was now a little car. I looked on the ground which was covered with fruit which had fallen from a tree. The fruit looked something like persimmons or plums. It was brown-colored and quite ripe. I picked up one and bit into it. 

When Carolyn slid out of the car, I told her to be careful not to step on the fruit. Then I realized she had brought us here to gather fruit.

I wondered if the owner of the property would mind our taking the fruit, but then I thought that the fruit would simply rot if we did not take it. I wondered about the squirrels and as I looked around, I thought I saw several squirrels scampering off through the brown leaves.

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