Dream of: 27 January 1982 (2) "A Bit Of A Shock"

Weitz (a law student), Coppock (another law student) and I were riding in a truck together. We arrived at a garage (situated on a high cliff) and pulled inside. Weitz and Coppock were going to drop me off there. I had a small car sitting there waiting for me inside the garage. As I walked to the car to get in, Weitz opened the door of his truck and began backing up to leave the garage. He came close to me and I told him to wait, but he was in such a hurry, I just lay down on my back so he could pass by me without his open door hitting me.

At first Weitz was moving backward, but abruptly he began moving forward toward a wall of the garage covered with tin on the side of the high cliff. Weitz shouted something like, "The carburetor won't work! The carburetor stopped working!"

The truck slammed through the side of the building, and straight down the cliff. I thought both Weitz and Coppock obviously had been killed. I thought how horrible it must have been for them when they started going down.

I climbed into my car and began backing. Now I noticed my sister standing in the garage; she was transfixed by what she had just witnessed. She looked as if she were about 2 years old and seemed to still be wearing diapers. She ran to the edge of the cliff and stood there looking down. I got out of the car and pulled her back from the edge of the cliff. I thought, "I've got to go report this immediately."

I looked down over the cliff and I could see trees and also a street and people down below. I shouted to the people, who apparently could see the truck. One of the people held up two fingers and hollered, "Two."

I screamed down, "Two people!"

He screamed back, "Yea, two people! They're alive!"

I couldn't believe it, but somehow they had survived, and it looked as if the people below were going to help them. It was so far to the bottom, I couldn't understand how Weitz and Coppock could have survived. I thought perhaps they had opened the doors and jumped out on some trees before the truck hit the bottom. It seemed clear to me that if they had stayed in the truck until it hit bottom, they would have been killed.

I kept having to keep and eye on my sister, because I was afraid she would wander over to the edge of the cliff and fall down. I took her back a ways from the cliff and told her to stay there or she would fall off the cliff, but she didn't really seem to understand. I likewise didn't want to get too close to the cliff. Although there was a place over to the right where I could jump down to a lower cliff and get a better view, I was unsure I wanted to jump down there. It looked as if there was some junk on the lower cliff. Besides, I was experiencing a bit of shock myself.

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