Dream of: 27 January 1982 "Sleeping Like An Opossum"

I was watching a news program on television when a segment came on about islands somewhere in the Caribbean area. It seemed as if the islands were either around the Keys or the Bahamas. I knew my father was in the other room; I was about to go get him to watch the show when he walked in. I said, "Good, I'm glad you came in. I wanted you to see this. I've been thinking about moving down in that area."

The picture on the screen showed an aerial view of an island completely covered with colorful flowers. The picture showed the clear blue water which surrounded the island. I commented about how good the fishing probably was there and how a person could probably go down there and live by fishing and never have many worries.

The next scene was on the land and showed a landing pad and the different ways which people arrived on the island. First a helicopter was shown and I commented to my father, "Now that would be a nice thing to have."

Next, a type of modern yellow airplane was shown and it was demonstrated how it worked. It was like a helicopter since on takeoff it rose straight up into the air. Afterwards it took off flying like an airplane, but then it turned around, came back to land, and crashed while landing. The pilot was uninjured; although the plane was badly damaged, it could apparently be easily put back together. I could not tell for sure whether the crash had been intended to show how easily the plane could be rebuilt or not.

I commented to my father that several of the law students at Baylor Law School had been pilots. I thought in particular of Leo Bacher (a law student) and my friend Jon. I was unsure if any of them actually owned a plane, but thought maybe Bacher did.

The show continued and moved on to another island  somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. The newscaster mentioned former president Ronald Reagan and how he had made some campaign pledge about that particular island when he had been running for president.

Not long thereafter, I actually went in person to that island. After I arrived, I encountered a strange character with whom I walked around for a while. We met a beautiful girl who was his girlfriend. The three of us continued walking around. The fellow had a strange name and I kept trying to pronounce it over and over, but I could not seem to get the right pronunciation.

I discovered an opossum hanging on the front of my shirt; it had fallen asleep. I continued walking around with the opossum hanging on me. I said something about how that when an opossum sleeps, it really sleeps. I asked if there was some kind of saying about sleeping like an opossum.

We next went to a house. The man and woman went into a separate room; I thought they were intending to have sex. I stayed on the porch, which was completely enclosed by chicken wire. The opossum began biting me. It turned out to be quite a vicious little creature and would not stop biting me. I knocked it off and it went wild climbing up and down the chicken wire. I tried to escape and finally succeeded in getting into the room where the woman had gone—the man had left.

The woman was sitting on a chair. I sat down on the bed next to her and began talking to her. I was attracted to her and kept moving my face closer and closer to hers. I did not know if she was going to let me kiss her. She did. We began kissing and I soon moved my hand over onto her breast and began squeezing it. I then pulled her around onto the bed and laid her there. She was wearing a night robe. She had her legs together and turned toward her right side. I pulled her legs up and spread them apart. I reached down and began pulling her panties. At first I was only going to pull them down part way, but then went ahead and pulled them completely down off from one leg. By now I had also pulled my pants off.

I probed around her vagina with my fingers and found it to be quite slippery and wet. I had an erection and began trying to insert my penis into her vagina. She helped me a bit by reaching down and guiding my penis in. I was thinking I had masturbated twice that day, but then realized I had not masturbated in a couple weeks. It felt good once I was in her; I hoped I would not climax quickly, because I wanted it to last a long time.

She was attractive; I had earlier been thinking I would like to get to know her well. After I began having sex with her, I began thinking that it had certainly been easy to have sex with her ... she must have sex with lots of men. I lost some respect for her since I had been able to have sex with her after only being with her for about three minutes.

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